Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nosh Up In Kenya – Siggi Hosenfeld gives us the low down on the best food in the wildlife capital

Here are some of the most essential Kenya recipes; Ugali (Cornmeal Porridge) is considered as the national dish. However, if you are looking for some culinary culture, go towards the coast. It’s long association with the Indian Ocean trade has produced distinctive regional cooking, where rice and fish, flavored with coconut, tamarind and exotic spices, are the dominant ingredients.

When Kenyans go out, they go for the standard “blow-out” feast, which is a huge pile of nyama choma (roast meat). You can order your meat of choice; goat, beef, mutton or chicken, and the way you prefer to eat it, whether that’s cooked, fried or roasted.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry. Kenya recipes offer a lot to choose from. Besides an abundance of delicious assortments of fruit, there are numerous dishes to decide from.

Meat-free pasta dishes, omelettes, vegetables and potatoes. This East-African country truly has an amazing array of mouth-watering, fantastic vegetarian dishes, topped at the end of a meal with fresh fruit salad. Yummy!!! (As you might guess, I am a Vegetarian :)

There are also beautiful Italian and Indian restaurants and everything is very delicious. So, no worries, there is something for all of us and everybody’s appetite will be satisfied.

Oh, by the way, beer, in Kenya, translates to TUSKER. On a hot day, of which there are a lot in Kenya, a cold Tusker beer……mmmmmhh. On each bottle it says "Bia Yunga, Nchi Yunga", (My Beer, My Country) and it sports the famous label of an elephant with tusks in black, yellow and white.

The Tusker Lager is brewed using the highest quality malted barley grown in the great, big Kenyan Rift Valley, Hops and Water. What else does it need?! It is fantastic and you’ve got to try a Tusker beer when you are in Kenya! That’s a must…J

About The Author

Siggi Hosenfeld is the editor of Kenya Travel Ideas – the “Ultimate Guide” to the wildlife capital.

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