Friday, December 17, 2010

Love Africa? Head overland with Cathy May on our 43-day Kenya To Cape Town expedition

This week our "I Love Africa" image bites come from Cathy May a real wanderer on the 43-day Kenya To Cape Town overland tour. Feast your eyes on some amazing images or log into Flickr if you want to see more.  And, if your passion for Africa isn't satiated, then don't despair as Cathy uploaded a few videos too!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The BEST of the blog 2010!

As we’re nearing the end of 2010, we thought we’d leave you with a round up of the best Acacia Africa blog posts.  

So here’s a selection of the biggest hitters, to whet your adventurous appetite and put you in the mood for Africa… 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Friday Wild Post - The low down on overlanding from Shoestring magazine

Our next First Friday Wild Post comes from Conny Kaufmann, a gapper and Acacia Africa adventurer turned travel editor of Shoestring magazine.  If you’re in need of the ultimate backpacking list or want to hear about all the hip and happening locations from the locals, this domain is definitely one not to be missed. Your complete guide to 'getting by' in gapping, the website is full of handy hints and you can even have a crack at contributing too! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Introducing "FALL 4 AFRICA" Fridays!

On the last Friday of every month we'll be featuring "FALL 4 AFRICA" Fridays - a round up of the latest online travel chit-chat.  This week's list includes festivals, tips and pix from our adventurers - every click destined to get you back to safari seventh heaven! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Check out our 19-day South West Safari - courtesy of avid adventurer Mike Cook!

This week we've got some "I Love Africa" image bites from one of our recent overlanders.  Feast your eyes on the 19-day South West Safari and don't look back!  Have fun on your next adventure, and if you're still not sure where to head, take a peek at our latest brochure...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Feast your eyes on 2011's best wildlife, budget and up and coming Africa!

Want to get a better deal on Africa?  You can still take advantage of our November special and save 30% on your next overland jaunt, but as we’re nearing the end of the year we thought you might like a little insider info on the best wildlife, budget and up and coming destinations in Africa for 2011. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday Wild Post - Big Five Love From AfricaFreak...

AfricaFreak is a taster of the continent in a click, and as it was no mean feat to narrow down just one First Friday Wild Post, we can say without hesitation that this blog is the real deal. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go all out for AfricaFreak this Friday & follow our Ultimate African Overlander online!

Yes, those First Friday Wild Posts are back, and this week we’ll be featuring AfricaFreak, your virtual guide to the safari encounter. Of course, while nothing beats a real game viewing experience on the continent, whether you’re a first time traveller or just addicted to Africa (us included), this blog is possibly one of the top URLs. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Where is the adrenaline capital of Africa?

Sadly, it’s our last twiscount this Friday, so we thought we’d give you an easy one, well, it’s nearly Christmas after all! Any guesses on this adventure capital? Tell us what country the "Wild Tweeps" are in this week and you could bag a 25% discount off that next dream overland tour!

Love Africa - here's where to head NEXT!

It’s that time of year again adventurers, and it’s a sure bet that there’ll be plenty of brochures to tantalize those travel buds.  But, perhaps the question you should be asking yourself is where to head in 2011? So, as we're Africa experts, here’s the low down on those continent hot spots…

Friday, October 22, 2010

So where are the "Wild Tweeps" this week?

Fancy a little impromtu bouldering?  Then "X" marks the spot. Tell us what country the "Wild Tweeps" are in this week and you could bag a 25% discount off that next dream overland tour!

Tweet us on Twitter using the #AcaciaWildTweep hashtag, and we’ll give one random overlander the twiscount. Voting ends on Friday the 29nd of October.

Our BIG Clue! If you want to go stargazing in Africa, this is the ultimate location!

Terms & Conditions: Normal Local payments apply. Subject to availability. Cannot be taken in conjunction with any other discount. Overland tour must be booked directly with Acacia Adventure Holidays.  Applies to scheduled departures up to end of 2011.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Want to go full throttle into lesser known Africa?

If the answer's yes, listen up nomads, as this country's still got surefire "David Livingstone" appeal.  Recently added to our new and improved overland section, the destination is as about as up and coming as it gets, but those crowd free game drives won't last forever!
Tempted? Tell us where the "Wild Tweeps" are this week and it could be you! Tweet us on Twitter using the #AcaciaWildTweep hashtag, and we’ll give one random overlander a 25% twiscount off their next tour! Voting ends on Friday the 22nd of October!
The BIG clue! Feast your eyes on our NEW brochure and sample a bit of lion love...
Terms & Conditions: Normal Local payments apply. Subject to availability. Cannot be taken in conjunction with any other discount. Overland tour must be booked directly with Acacia Adventure Holidays.  Applies to scheduled departures up to end of 2011.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tell us where the "Wild Tweeps" are & head to Africa with a 25% overland twiscount!

Was Botswana just too much of a dead giveaway?  Well listen up adventurers, as this week we’ve got something that will really test those travel buds.  Tell us what country the Wild Tweeps are in, tweet us on Twitter using the #AcaciaWildTweep hashtag, and we’ll give one random overlander a 25% twiscount off their next tour! Voting ends on Friday the 15th of October!

Friday Wild Post From Adventure Rob: It started with a grasshopper…

Our first Wild Post pundit is Rob Fitzsimmons of no less than His laugh out loud blog features photography and advice on all things travel, as well as the odd random musing.  Summed up, if you want to escape from the rat race, this is one to watch…

Unfortunately, the fried grasshopper wasn’t the only victim in the story, but Rob did leave us with some vital lessons when it comes to hooking up out on the road.  In fact, if you’re ever in need of a speedy escape route his post entitled “Ann The Mental” is a must read!...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wild Posts! Starting This Friday with

Rob Fitzsimmons of is our first “Wild Post” blogger: an English twenty something from Portsmouth with a penchant for all things nomading. More from him this Friday!

We’re not going to give the game away, but this one is more of a “read it and weep,” rant as opposed to a "get your eyes round that and head for the hills" type post. Saying that, we found Rob’s insights on choosing travel buddies and how to shake them off when the going gets, well, beyond the realms of sanity – invaluable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling lucky this Friday? Tell us where the wild tweeps are...

Where R The Wild Tweeps?...

Feeling lucky this Friday?  If so check out our first ‘twiscount’ – your chance to grab a 25% discount on that next dream overland tour! As you can see getting horizontal in this reed filled watery paradise is no problem and we normally throw in a few nights of bush camping too – lush! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Does the early bird really catch the worm?

Well, perhaps not in this case, as our "Safari Side-kick," take a friend for free promo is about to finish. And, while all good things must come to an end, there are still a few days left to get your mate in the mood for an adventure in Africa.  With savings of up to £1,795 (October departures) on the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander it's one travel deal that's simply too good to pass up, but the clock is ticking folks, as the cut off point for booking is the 30th of September.  The good news is that with beers, braais and the Big Five on offer it's not going to be a hard sell, but if you're looking to travel later in the year here's another handy promo to watch out for.  

Starting next Friday we'll be showcasing our "Where R The Wild Tweeps" slots right here on our blog.  The deal?  You guess where the pic is taken, buzz us back on Twitter (using the #acaciawildtweep hashtag), and we'll dole out a 25% overland discount to one random winner. (Terms & conditions below*) Of course, the above would be a dead give-away for any Africa fanatic so we are going to make you flex those visual muscles a little bit more and get creative when it comes to cropping!

All eyes glued to Twitter then "Tweeps," as you could be quids in when it comes to your next adventure in Africa! And don't forget to keep your screens peeled for our new brochure (soon to be available online) as we have lots of tantalising new trips to tickle those travel taste buds!

*"Where R The Wild Tweeps": 25% discount to one random winner. Normal Local payments apply. Subject to availability. Cannot be taken in conjunction with any other discount. Tour must be booked directly with Acacia Africa. For travel before 01 July 2011.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't leave home for Madagascar without Sara LeHoullier - a "must have" Travel Companion for the backpack!

If Madagascar is the next destination on your "must go" adventure list, you can always hop on a dhow and sail around the relatively undiscovered eighth continent with us - but here's a tip...  leave room in the backpack for Sara LeHoullier.  Well not literally, as we're referring to her recently released Madagascar (Travel Companion). Published by Other Places Publishing, this is an uncut guide that goes way further than the more usual and endless lists of hotels and attractions, and this is one writer who is simply mad about Madagascar!

Since 2005, Sara, a North Carolina native has been exploring the country from top to bottom as a volunteer, a researcher, and an intrepid explorer. As any true traveller will admit, she enjoys cramming into rickety bush taxis, dining on unfamiliar animal parts, and trekking through untouched rainforests bursting with biodiversity. 

One for the adventurous, her guide is proving to be a perfect tagalong for travellers who appreciate the local side of travel - Sara's first-hand experiences and personal recommendations allowing Madagascar fans to get under the skin of Lemur central. Full of practical, useful information, authentic cross-cultural experiences and meaningful, responsible travel - it offers eye-opening travelbites that will leave you wanting to know more, and let's face it - we never (want to!) stop travelling...

Of course, while most of us are constantly juggling the 9-5 rat race with our insatiable passion for adventure and can't claim to be guide book writers just yet, there is undoubtedly a travel blogger in every nomad.  So, why not follow in Shane Donovan’s fingertips, share the explorer in you, enthuse a bunch of like-minded followers and track down a guest post slot on the net.  True to his word Shane has just been featured on where he dishes out his top twelve tips on showcasing your experiences and getting the travel bug out there, online...

Still undecided on Africa - look out for our new brochure -coming soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Travel bloggers we Love...

The Internet is turning into one BIG “love-travel-fest,” which is no bad thing.  What’s on offer these days goes way further than your typical travel blog. You can find people to hook up with out on the road, choose voluntour projects to donate to online, share a few travel twips on Twitter® and even choose where to send people when it comes to their next destination.  Come to think of it, that reminds me of closing my eyes and sticking a pin in a map of Africa – I can feel the excitement building already!

So, in no particular order, we’ve fine-tuned a few of the best bloggers just for you, and if you’d like to add another to the list for future posts, we’ll be all eyes!

We don’t have a specific reason (as there are too many) for nominating these guys, but we have a lot of love for Amateurs Africa.   Self-styled, as two “average lads” they sound like just what Acacia Africa would order on an overland tour, but we’d like to say that they’re somewhat modest, as they’ve travelled (in their own words), “from Berlin to Cape Town, backpacking West Africa to get to the World Cup overland through deserts, jungle and whatever else is out there”. In fact, anyone who can stomach foods that shouldn’t even be looked at, or vomit over three passengers on a packed Portuguese coastal tram in 38 degree heat and get away with it, has our vote. Just your general, more than average, all around nice guys, and they like to tweet too...

The Aussie Nomad is a star guy who’s always up for a bit of #FF banter, and while his recent RTW trip didn’t include Africa – he does offer up some amazing insights on travel in general. Our favourite (re-titled), “How to avoid giving up alcohol and save cash for the big trip without splashing out on that sofa with the built in beer fridge”.  Well, we admit, it does sound tempting!

“Love, love, love all things Africa…I adore a place that can challenge my perceptions and question my understanding of the world”. With a starter for ten like that, we just had to include “Go Erin Go,” but it wasn’t just Erin’s devotion to the continent that inspired us, it was her ethos, “adventures in living and giving” (this girl has philanthropy sussed!) If you’re still saving for that voluntour (and wow do we have some sensational NEW trips coming soon), you can always click through to Erin’s “Donate My Dollars” page to give back.  This year alone, Erin will be donating anywhere close to $10,000, so get involved and vote! 

Cody McKibben is God’s gift to the “location independent”.  Let’s cut to the chase, if you want to throw the towel in when it comes to the 9-5 rat race – this guy is your man! Cody’s already clocked up a fair few awards and even earned himself a notch on the “10 Digital Nomads To Learn From” list, but in a nutshell this is “Zen” for the “corporately challenged”! 

If these guys are thinking of heading to Africa in September 2011, Kenya more specifically, then I’d be up for a meet in Nairobi!  Well, who knows, but until then, the Aussie founders of Globetrooper, Todd & Lauren, have plenty of user generated itineraries covering the entire world of travel.  Of course, there are scores of backpackers and solo travellers who choose to head overland with us part way through their gap year (or much needed break from reality/sabbatical/cubicle crisis), but if you want to add some extra excitement to your trip and extend your journey, your new travel buddy might only be a click away… 

Photography and travel writing sounds like the perfect combination, and the “Globetrotter Girls” are, and I quote “desperate to be out on the road” (where have I heard that before – hmmm?!!!). But they’ve also got gusto, as their plan is, well, “not to have a plan….exactly”.  These travel-istas accept tips from their favorite fellow bloggers, travellers and digital nomads, and while Africa is not on their itinerary (yet!!!) we just had to give the female duo a mention, as adventures on the continent are anything but predictable! 

Looking to hit the road before the end of October - you'll be quids in with our recent BOGOF special, and the Annual Migration, like these blogs is one not to miss!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why overlanding is still the only way to go!

Overlanders are definitely a varied group of travellers, which means no one trip will ever be the same.  In fact, being somewhat unpredictable, this form of travel is a little like Africa itself, and that’s part of the joy of overlanding

Of course, overlanding is not for everyone, and Paul Theroux’s recollection in “Dark Star Safari,” does sound, according to Ben Groundwater (travel writer, blogger, journalist, sub-editor and anything else someone will pay him to be), like a nightmare experience in which he found himself to be poles apart from his fellow travellers. Saying that, with 24 people on an overland tour, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find a few, if not more amiable adventurers willing to “chew the fat” when it comes to Africa; even if they can’t remember where Kevin barfed!

Subjective experience aside, Mr. Theroux’s “Dark Star Safari” epic is certainly one to read, but if it doesn’t float your boat, why not check out Five Ways To Carry A Goat, a travel memoir of Ben Groundwater’s time touring the globe while staying with the readers of his weekly Fairfax blog, the Backpacker.  During his four-month trip Ben hitch-hiked with a Brazilian sniper, tended to pigs in northern Thailand, got drunk at a wedding in the Czech Republic, and (really did!!!) carry a goat in Ethiopia.

We did test out Ben’s theory before writing this post (although, you’ll have to read his recent article first), and we have to admit, while there may well be a few closet “Bon Jovi” fans residing in the Acacia office, the good news is that overlanding is still an enlightening way to see Africa. And, here’s why…

  • Guidebooks are without a doubt a great starting point when encountering new destinations, and you’ll find a few on the truck. Then again, you can’t beat a bit of real time Africa banter, as reminiscing en route is priceless!

  • According to our resident travel psychologist, Max Tookey, being in a group of people who are relative unknowns can bring out the adventurer in you – especially once you’ve broken the ice over a beer.  Thought you’d never bungy jump? Well, think again… however, we warn you, the adrenaline rush can be addictive.

  • You’ll meet a bunch of new travelling buddies from around the world – your shared experiences breathing life into any blog post…so much so, that any Africa addict will be salivating at the thought of their next jaunt on the continent! Basically, overlanding is a prospective travel writer’s gold mine!

More tour junkie than solo traveller? Check out our current "Safari Sidekick Sale," bring your best mate along for the ride and we'll waive the cost of the tour price for your number one buddy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

'A' Level Low? Fill in that gap year & grab yourself some star quality appeal in Africa!

The ‘A’ level results are in, but you’ve missed out on a place at your chosen university.  According to, you won’t be alone, but using your time wisely could give you star quality appeal and leave other candidates out in the cold.

Of course, there are heaps of travel opportunities around to fill in that awesome gap year, so where do we come in? OK, we don’t cover gap experiences per se, however, we do offer a host of short stint voluntours and overland trips of up to 58 days that will get you under the skin of Africa, whether its conservation or community based tourism that floats your boat.

Why not start your gap year with an overland experience and hit the open road on our 46-day Ultimate African Adventure. The positives?...
  1. You’ll meet a bunch of adventure-minded people, and who knows, maybe a few safari sidekicks you can hook up with after the tour is over.
  2. If you haven’t been to Africa before you’ll have a better appreciation of the differing cultures by the end of the trip, and you’ll be brimming with confidence if you’re aiming to go it alone.
  3. While our voluntours are based on shorter stints you’ll still be developing a new skill set to help you shine at that all important interview - whether you’re planning to study or put your first step on the career ladder on your return home.

Before we leave you to mull over the options in our current brochure  we’d like to give a shout out to the "Keep Flying" campaign team, as they are aiming to break a Guinness World Record tomorrow (at the Vodacom Tri-Nations Test Match to be held at FNB Stadium in Soweto), by attempting to have the most flags flown in one stadium at one time.  Good luck guys we’ll be flying one too!

And as it’s Friday we couldn’t resist leaving you with this mug shot courtesy of the Skinny BackpackerEgypt’s answer to Mr. Ed! In fact, strangely enough we think we've found the long lost brother of said camel in our current photo-library!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Highly intelligent herbivore with strong sense of family seeks “one hour” dates with adventurers

Some blind dates might leave you wondering why you turned up in the first place, but if you're romancing the Silverback, then we can give you our undoubted assurance that you'll be itching to book another encounter. 

Travelling on a budget - don't worry, as we have plenty of overland options including the 28-day Game Parks & Gorillas experience and the 18-day Mountain Gorillas To The Mara itinerary – the ideal adventure for those short on time.

Michelle Lewis, aka the Acacia Wild Bunch also has some great gorilla viewing tips (page 63) to dole out in AfricaFreak’s Safari 101 E-guide. The downloadable handbook has specific sections dedicated to areas like photography, game walks, voluntourism, and so much more – "real life" safari experts giving you their insider knowledge on what to do, where to go and what to bring. All in all, a great tool to use when planning your next adventure in Africa!

Gorilla viewing certainly tops the list when it comes to Uganda, but we'll leave you with our top five “must dos” when it comes to the Pearl of Africa...
  1. Come face to face with a Mountain Gorilla
  2. Be amazed at the intelligence of Chimpanzees
  3. Check out the great lakes of Queen Elizabeth National Park
  4. Gaze upon the source of the River Nile at Jinja
  5. Take a boat trip on Lake Victoria - Africa's largest lake

And don’t forget book before 31 August and save 30% on all our September and October overland departures!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Chance To Keep Flying & 40% Off...WE LIKE!!!

It’s your last chance to fly the flag for SA this Friday (woohoooooooooooo! – awwww c’mon!!!!!!), but even if that’s not your chosen destination, we do have some action packed tours for you to feast your itchy feet on! And yes, if you were wondering...this flag! Yes this is THE ONE!!!!...

Let’s face it, overlanding has always been the best option when it comes to value added Africa, but we’re slashing our August departure tour prices by 40%, so now, you can spend longer on the continent and splurge more of your hard earned cash on the holiday. Can't be bad!!!

(Save £118pp) 6-day African Insight only £177pp + local payment from £100pp.  Experience game drives in the Kruger, a wildlife cruise on the Chobe River and splash your extra cash on adrenaline antics in Livingstone, Africa’s adventure capital. Departing 12 and 26 August.

(Save £238pp) 13-day Kenya & Tanzania Adventure only £357pp + local payment from £314pp. Make more of the Masai Mara and sample the Spice Island, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater for less.  With extra cash to spare, you can extend the tour with a city stay in the cultural capital of Nairobi, your final destination.  Departing 15 & 22 August.

(Save £298pp) 22-day Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger only £447pp + local payment from £239pp.  Enjoy the dizzy heights of the bungy in Livingstone, sample the wildlife by boat on the Chobe River, by 4X4 in the Kruger and make more of Lake Malawi, with horse riding, scuba-diving, sailing and village walks offered as optional activities.  Departing 17, 24 and 31 August.

The catch – book before 31 August? What catch?!!! We agree – hahaha..., but wait a minute…you can also save up to 30% on September and October departures and 20% on November and December departures. Overland departures include all camping/accommodation, most meals and services of a local guide &/or driver. Excludes return flight. Acacia Africa (020 7706 4700;; ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED.

All prices through Acacia Africa: Still trying to pin that number one destination down...aha!!!  Gotcha!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Delicious Overland Discounts & Sensational South Africa...

The World Cup is over (bummer!!!), and if you're English, as per usual, the summer's looking decidedly temperamental. Weather pundits across the UK are using phrases such as, sunny spots, drizzle, turning progressively cloudier, heavy bursts of rain and further showers.  But, before the doom and gloom sets in, why not set your sights on an overland departure in warmer climes?  Of course, there’s no need to break the bank as we’ve extended our recent promotion allowing campers to save up to 40% on our overland tours departing before 01 January 2011. So even if the clouds dampen your sunny disposition you can still look forward to an amazing adventure in Africa. As we say here in the Rainbow Nation - Just Go!!!

If you travel in August you can save 40%, in September & October 30%, and even in November and December you can still save a rip-roaring 20%!  As always, we promise, no catch, but bookings should be made by 31 August.

Delicious discounts aside, back here in Cape Town we’re continuing to fly the flag for South Africa so we thought we should leave you with some old favourites from our very own "Wild Bunch" that will have you salivating over our list of guaranteed departures in seconds...

If a Ferrari is out of your price bracket don’t worry, as an ostrich ride could be your next best option for an adrenaline rush. Yes, that’s right the sports car of the elite is in fact upholstered with our feathered friends, and you can take one for an optional test drive out in Oudtshroon – maximum speed 45kms/ph!

So you’ve done the bungee in Livingstone...what’s next? The Bloukrans Bungee in South Africa is up there as a proud Guinness World Record Holder, its dizzy heights reaching 216 metres. The adrenaline fuelled excursion comes complete with countdown and of course full body harness before victims leap into the abyss.

There’s more to Cape Town than you think! : So grab yourself some diving gear and head off in a cage for a date with the Great White – shark-tastic!

Get even closer to the wildlife: Why not voluntour and get a hands on appreciation of the work being done by the “Race Against Extinction Project in South Africa. This is one of the oldest wildlife care and conservation projects for the cheetah in Africa - and the location, at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range, is just awesome!

Swimming with penguins – yes we know it’s a buzz! Who could resist a dip with this group of waddling waders. If it’s for you, Simons Town on the Western Cape is where you need to head next…