Friday, November 26, 2010

Introducing "FALL 4 AFRICA" Fridays!

On the last Friday of every month we'll be featuring "FALL 4 AFRICA" Fridays - a round up of the latest online travel chit-chat.  This week's list includes festivals, tips and pix from our adventurers - every click destined to get you back to safari seventh heaven! 


Jody Corothers Anyone going to be in Zanzibar 9 - 13 FEB??? Check this out!

Acacia Adventure Holidays Sounds awesome Jody - might have to join you!

Awesome Africa!

Liliane Lutgen just want to tell you, had a fantastic overland experience in Namibia (I'm back since last week) 
thanks also to Toni and Sam for being great guys and all the other people who where in our group, I will definitely travel with Acacia again

Spice Island sound out…

Tamara Roberts Acacia, We are booked to leave Jan.16 Kenya - Cape Town and can't seem to get any dates for the 3 evenings we are on our own on the island of Zanzibar! Why is this so difficult? We want to book a hotel reservation now as they are already filling up fast. Can someone help me!

Acacia Adventure Holidays Hey Tamara, Hope you are looking forward to your trip. You will be on Zanzibar 25 Jan - 28 Jan but there is no need to pre book this accommodation yourself unless there is somewhere specific you want to stay as the tour leader will look after it for you. Just let us, or your agent, know if there is anything further that you need.

Tamara Roberts Thank you for your quick reply! We are extremely excited and looking forward to the trip!

Cecilly Conlin ‎@ Tamara, my daughter is on that exact trip at the mo' and is having the time of her life!

LOVE Lonely Planet – Nail Namibia!

Acacia Adventure Holidays Next year's adventure just got even more exciting! Here's our take on the choicest budget destinations and most intruiging wildlife spots, plus up and coming Africa and insight from Lonely Planet’s “Best In Travel 2011” book... 

Out of this world Overlanding!

Acacia Adventure Holidays WOW - London - Cape Town, overland in 11 Days, 14 Hours, 11 Minutes now thats quick! 

MORE from AfricaFreak coming SOON!...

Acacia Adventure Holidays First Friday Wild Posts! Big 5 LOVE from AfricaFreakWatch out for regular updates as AfricaFreak has joined our 58-day Ultimate African Overlander!

Go wild over those gorillas!

Markus Lüthi Back to Kampala after seeing 21 Mountain Gorillas of the Nshongi-Family in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda - AMAZING! Thanks Lindi & Mark :-)

Acacia Adventure Holidays Wow! 21 - hope you got some awesome pictures

Markus Lüthi yes, will share them later :-) 
One pic is actually already here ;-)

Acacia Adventure Holidays Wow thats a fantastic shot - not easy to get good Gorilla Pics

Markus Lüthi Here we go: - enjoy ... :-)

Africa on film!

Acacia Adventure Holidays Check out our 19-day South West Safari & I ♥ AFRICA photo-bites from traveller Mike Cook – a man with an unrivalled passion for adventure! 

Or view the full gallery of images here 

Where will you wanderlust take you?

Check out our NEW brochure and highlights from the latest edition!


Acacia Adventure Holidays wow - where did today go? Last time I looked it was 9am…

Oh well guys as least you can say TGIF…and wait for it... TIA!

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