Friday, May 4, 2012

Check Out Our Next First Friday Wild Post - African Camping Safari, Sleeping In The Wild

Stirring thoughts of a wild and unspoiled land full of wildlife and wide-open vistas, a camping safari in Africa is one of the most fantasized trips for nature lovers. Many areas can be explored, returning to the luxury accommodations of a hotel room every night. However, camping out offers so many more of the experiences that are the true purpose of going on an African safari in the first place.

Friday, March 2, 2012

First Friday Wild Post From Toni White, Editor Of Reclaiming My Future - Why Choose Africa Over Asia?

Our next First Friday Wild Post comes courtesy of Toni White, a travelista, awesome blogger, prodigious tweeter, and woman on a mission to see the world! After trucking round seven countries with us Toni thought Africa bagged the top prize as the hottest continent and you can find out why here. If you'd like to take a virtual trip on our 41-day Cape Town To Kenya overland expedition, click on over to Reclaiming My Future for the highlights, and prepare to be bowled over by Africa!

Friday, February 3, 2012

First Friday Wild Post - Tempting Tanzania by Ivana Butler

Our February First Friday Wild Post comes courtesy of Ivana Butler, an interpreter, writer and avid traveller. If not getting creative in front of her laptop, you'll find Ivana on some exotic destination. Last seen in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, she also has a soft spot for Tanzania.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012's First Friday Wild Post, from Jess Spate Diver and Photographer extraordinaire!

2012 is here and we're back with the first, First Friday Wild Post of the year! Jess Spate is a keen photographer who has been diving for over a decade, so who better to ask about delving into the depths of Zanzibar and beyond!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Need A Few Packing Tips? Check Out Our First Friday Wild Post From Married With Luggage...

Our next First Friday Wild Posters are Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married With Luggage fame! They ditched their careers, sold everything they own, and left to live their dream of traveling the world in October 2010. While they haven't made it to Africa just yet, they are looking forward to realising a life-long dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on their next round the world jaunt. It's sure to be awesome adventure (and we'll keep you posted=)), but until then feast your eyes on the pair's backpack tips, as this couple have fine tuned the art of travelling light!