Friday, July 30, 2010

Delicious Overland Discounts & Sensational South Africa...

The World Cup is over (bummer!!!), and if you're English, as per usual, the summer's looking decidedly temperamental. Weather pundits across the UK are using phrases such as, sunny spots, drizzle, turning progressively cloudier, heavy bursts of rain and further showers.  But, before the doom and gloom sets in, why not set your sights on an overland departure in warmer climes?  Of course, there’s no need to break the bank as we’ve extended our recent promotion allowing campers to save up to 40% on our overland tours departing before 01 January 2011. So even if the clouds dampen your sunny disposition you can still look forward to an amazing adventure in Africa. As we say here in the Rainbow Nation - Just Go!!!

If you travel in August you can save 40%, in September & October 30%, and even in November and December you can still save a rip-roaring 20%!  As always, we promise, no catch, but bookings should be made by 31 August.

Delicious discounts aside, back here in Cape Town we’re continuing to fly the flag for South Africa so we thought we should leave you with some old favourites from our very own "Wild Bunch" that will have you salivating over our list of guaranteed departures in seconds...

If a Ferrari is out of your price bracket don’t worry, as an ostrich ride could be your next best option for an adrenaline rush. Yes, that’s right the sports car of the elite is in fact upholstered with our feathered friends, and you can take one for an optional test drive out in Oudtshroon – maximum speed 45kms/ph!

So you’ve done the bungee in Livingstone...what’s next? The Bloukrans Bungee in South Africa is up there as a proud Guinness World Record Holder, its dizzy heights reaching 216 metres. The adrenaline fuelled excursion comes complete with countdown and of course full body harness before victims leap into the abyss.

There’s more to Cape Town than you think! : So grab yourself some diving gear and head off in a cage for a date with the Great White – shark-tastic!

Get even closer to the wildlife: Why not voluntour and get a hands on appreciation of the work being done by the “Race Against Extinction Project in South Africa. This is one of the oldest wildlife care and conservation projects for the cheetah in Africa - and the location, at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range, is just awesome!

Swimming with penguins – yes we know it’s a buzz! Who could resist a dip with this group of waddling waders. If it’s for you, Simons Town on the Western Cape is where you need to head next…

Friday, July 23, 2010

South Africa Sounds Good to Us!

The South Africa flag is winging its way to you from our Cape Town office, as part of the “Keep Flying” campaign.  Yes, even though FIFA has finished, the Rainbow Nation is still basking in the glory of the recent football tournament, and you lucky adventurers can bag it all, with 30% off our overland tours departing in August.  What’s the catch you might ask?  

Aside from booking before the 31st of July, you have carte blanche…so feast your eyes on these amazing trips and just enjoy South Africa, and a little more besides.  Want to keep that flag wavin’?  You can always catch up with K’naan or wear it in the Rainbow Nation – pix at the ready please!!! Haven't decided yet? The perfect trip is just a click away!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Suffering From Post Tournament Depression? Join Our Cape Town Office In The "Keep Flying" Campaign

Last Sunday’s final feels like a lifetime ago, but it seems that the post World Cup blues have well and truly set in. is even claiming that up to 40% of the UK’s football fanatics are at risk of developing PTD, more commonly known at Post Tournament Depression!

Recent research by the company showed that during the competition, the average British male thought about football 43 times a day, watched nearly 30 hours of the sport on TV and spent over £400 on World Cup merchandise and entertainment…and now it’s all over, the beautiful game blues are gripping the English nation.

So what are the options?

1.  Do nothing.  Replay that disallowed goal over and over in your head.  Die-hard England fans might want to make a dart board out of Assistant referee Mauricio Espinosa to reduce heightened levels of anxiety

2. Watch & learn - Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic certainly knows his stuff when it comes to PTD!

3. Join our Cape Town office in the “Keep Flying” campaign and celebrate everything that’s great about the Rainbow Nation.

Personally we like option 3, and while we admit that the “Keep Flying” campaign has a South African slant, why not just go with the flow, fly that flag on facebook and support the great nation that bought you Nelson Mandela, fantastic safari experiences and one of the best world cup’s we’ve seen in a while.

How to get involved? Keep flying the flag. It’s a symbol of the vibrant and welcoming nature of South Africa, and a reminder, that together we can achieve anything. (Feeling better already?!!!) Grab a background, an email signature, a profile pic (for Facebook, Twitter etc). Post it, badge it, print and share it.

If you're truly passionate about the Rainbow Nation, why not just go! Book yourself on one of our guaranteed overland departures before the 31st of July, enjoy the very best of South Africa and more besides, and save 40% on July departures and 30% on August departures.

More importantly, Stay positive. Stay upbeat. Travel with the locals. Celebrate local. Greet a stranger in South Africa – a local one. Say “howzit” or “heita”. Get involved. Locally. Wear a flag. Respect the flag. Just love it. All of it, and all of us. Remember all we’ve done. Remember the beautiful game. And never forget, it’s nothing as yet.

We’ll be keeping those flags flying until 10th of August – and whatever your nation, remember footy fans, there’s always another world cup around the corner! Of course, you can't beat the officlal "Wavin' flag" anthem, so get your ears round the uplifting beats of K'naan, click through to  our online brochure  and plan your next dream trip in the Rainbow Nationthe ultimate cure for PTD sufferers across the globe!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want To Watch The Annual Migration?: Overlanding Will Be Your Best Shot!

It’s that time again: "Annual Migration" season is upon us, and we’re gearing up for the “Seventh Wonder of the World”!  However, according to various sources, this year’s event will be a sell out: in fact, even Kenya’s Tourism minister, Najib Balala, has been turned away – the majority of accommodation in the Mara having been snapped up way in advance.

OK, we can hear you sigh as your eyes glance over that last sentence, but its not all doom and gloom just yet - and, we have the ideal solution.  Yes, you heard it here first, “head overland and you can still grab a front row seat to Africa’s unforgettable wildlife spectacle!"

We know that if you have your heart set on this spontaneous extravaganza having to switch to an alternative tour would be unthinkable, so we’ve guaranteed over 500 overland and small group safari departures from now until the end of the year. And, if you want more wildlife for your wonga, you can take advantage of our current deals, or get your eyes round our recent mailer and save up to 40% on our overland tours departing in July.

One for Annual Migration Addicts, the 13-day Kenya & Tanzania Adventure includes game viewing in the Masai Mara and the Serengeti - the overland tour ending with a beach stay on Zanzibar.  

£595pp (no single supplement) + local payment from £332pp. Save 40% off the tour price if travelling in July (£238pp), 30% off the tour price if travelling in August (£178pp) and 20% if travelling in September or October (£119pp). 

The following departures are guaranteed: 25 (July); 01, 08, 15, 22 (August); 05, 12, 19, 26 (September); 03, 10  (October).

Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Up For A Safari?: The Animals Are On Us!

After the humiliating England defeat we thought Africa would be the last place on the planet for Three Lions’ fans; but it appears we were wrong.  In the last few days the phone has been ringing off the hook when it comes to overlanding, UK adventurers seeking solace in safaris. In fact, looking at this lot, we can safely say that any "FIFA fall out" will instantly be replaced by cruise camaraderie and animal attraction!  

Our trips are full of Aussies, Kiwis and Europeans, but the list is so long that we should probably stop there!  We'd like to add that the eclectic mix of nations will help any depressed football fan recover, so the Americans should take note.  

Let’s face it, even though you might hear the call of the vuvuzela in the Rainbow Nation’s cosmopolitan capital, when you’re out on the open savannah it’s game on, but only for the wildlife.  An otherworldly travel experience that not many other countries or continents can claim to match, wildlife viewing in Africa simply tops the list when it comes to breaking away from reality. Take a look at these guys and tell us we're wrong!

Of course, in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is still the main highlight, but now we’re in Annual Migration season, the first wildebeest tripping the light fantastic and heading across the plains in search of new pastures, Kenya may well be poised to take the number one spot.  So, whatever your nationality, if you’re up for it, go wild and check out this month’s mailer. Grab yourself a discount, enjoy the Seventh Wonder of the World and bag the Big Five in Africa’s Wildlife Capital! 

Looking for an added buzz?  Click through to Crazy About Kenya - an online campaign that's still very much alive and kicking! Then again, whatever you decide, the animals are on us:)