Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Up For A Safari?: The Animals Are On Us!

After the humiliating England defeat we thought Africa would be the last place on the planet for Three Lions’ fans; but it appears we were wrong.  In the last few days the phone has been ringing off the hook when it comes to overlanding, UK adventurers seeking solace in safaris. In fact, looking at this lot, we can safely say that any "FIFA fall out" will instantly be replaced by cruise camaraderie and animal attraction!  

Our trips are full of Aussies, Kiwis and Europeans, but the list is so long that we should probably stop there!  We'd like to add that the eclectic mix of nations will help any depressed football fan recover, so the Americans should take note.  

Let’s face it, even though you might hear the call of the vuvuzela in the Rainbow Nation’s cosmopolitan capital, when you’re out on the open savannah it’s game on, but only for the wildlife.  An otherworldly travel experience that not many other countries or continents can claim to match, wildlife viewing in Africa simply tops the list when it comes to breaking away from reality. Take a look at these guys and tell us we're wrong!

Of course, in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is still the main highlight, but now we’re in Annual Migration season, the first wildebeest tripping the light fantastic and heading across the plains in search of new pastures, Kenya may well be poised to take the number one spot.  So, whatever your nationality, if you’re up for it, go wild and check out this month’s mailer. Grab yourself a discount, enjoy the Seventh Wonder of the World and bag the Big Five in Africa’s Wildlife Capital! 

Looking for an added buzz?  Click through to Crazy About Kenya - an online campaign that's still very much alive and kicking! Then again, whatever you decide, the animals are on us:) 

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