Friday, February 26, 2010

#GoWildOnline campaign: Five (or in fact, Seven!) Extraordinary Adventures Every Friday...

Big Five adventures at the ready!!! OK…surprise! This week we’ve added some extra options! All thanks to the Acacia Wild Bunch...:)

Well, if you missed our Rainbow Nation Wild Tweep Tweet Up, never fear, as we’re keeping it strictly South African this week – seven sensational stunts (yes, not one to read if you have a fear of heights) to get you back to Africa!

(P.S. But, for those of you in search of more memorable wildlife/excursions or culture vulture options we have included a few adventures where you CAN keep your feet on the ground!)

Our winning Wild Tweep, Sharyne Davis Baser, did an amazing job today, although she did get that one tricky question about traffic lights! So, it’s only fair after a day in the hot seat, as Editor (adventurer)-at-Large, that we pack Sharyne off to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia on our 6-day African Insight overland trip, and let’s face it; it doesn’t get much better than the Kruger!

Swimming with penguins is first up!: Who could resist a dip with this group of waddling waders. If it’s for you, Simons Town on the Western Cape is where you need to head…

Fancy saddling up? Cinsta’s the place to be and you can giddy up on the beach and really get off the beaten track in this backpacker haven…

Not afraid of heights? Then a canopy tour could do it for you! Mosey on down to Tsitsikamma and head Tarzan or Jane like through the trees, some of which reach up to 30-metres!

Yes, you won’t be short of adrenaline antics when it comes to South Africa! Next up a chance to abseil down Table Mountain – only 112-metres to go!

If you’d like to keep your feet on the ground – you can always opt for a 20km game hike in the Polokwane Game Reserve. Definitely one for White Rhino Fans…

Want to fumble around on all fours?: If you’re not an agoraphobic, we’d suggest the Cango Caves, featuring some of the worlds largest stalagmite formations…

Looking for an alternative option…why not take a trip to the heart of Zulu country and meet up with a "Sangoma" – a traditional Zulu healer.

Where will your next African adventure take you? Still undecided? Check out our 2010 online brochure...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looooove South Africa: Here's Your Invite To Tomorrow's Tweet Up

As we’re just catching up with a few tweeps, we thought we should buzz you with an invite to tomorrow’s South Africa Wild Tweep Tweet up! (Yes, try saying that one after a few beers!!!)

Just to recap guys...the tweet up is being held on the Acacia Africa Twitter page. Sharyne Davis Baser, our winning Wild Tweep will be our Editor (adventurer)-at-Large for the 20-minute event.

If you'd like to attend, please follow us at:

Event details: Your chance to quiz a real South Africa fan about the wonders of the Rainbow Nation!!!

Date: Friday 26 February 2010

Time: 13:00 - 13:20 GMT

Event Hashtag (please add this at the start of all your tweets so we can track the conversation): #WildTweep

Sharyne’s travel motto: “It’s a big, wonderful world out there; start exploring! – her advice for anyone travelling to South Africa, to simply “GO!”

Please buzz us @: if you have any questions regarding the online event:)

And yes, those Jackass Pengins found on the Southern & West Coasts of SA are a wildlife hit - so we couldn't resist! Fancy joining them for a swim? Visit Boulder’s Beach in Simons Town (Cape Town) and you can waddle off together for a dip!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Our Winning Wild Tweep & Join The South Africa Tweet Up This Friday!!!

Sharyne Davis Baser is our winning Wild Tweep! So we’d like to send out our safari-tastic congratulations and a BIG thanks to all our expert judges including, and!

A real traveller who can’t get enough of the Rainbow Nation, Sharyne’s travel motto is: “It’s a big, wonderful world out there; start exploring!”…and now’s your chance to quiz her on all things South Africa! On her previous trips Sharyne has visited Cape Town, Sabi Sabi Bogani and Jo’berg’s suburbs – her advice for anyone travelling to the country, to simply “GO!”

Sharyne will be our Editor-at-Large for a whole 20 minutes so feel free to send those South Africa queries down the Twitter line!

If you’re just buzzing about South Africa come and join us on the Acacia Africa Twitter page this Friday the 26th of Feb from 13:00-13:20 GMT...and tweet away with your questions. PLEASE ADD #WildTweep at the start of all your tweets during the event and if you’re sending SA questions/SA tweet tips pre-tweet up. Pictures, links, vids - just Go Wild Online!

Here’s one question from to get you started!

#WildTweep Why do you think open vehicles are allowed in SA but not in East-African national parks?

We’ll leave you with Sharyne’s top three most memorable moments in South Africa to get you in the mood for our Rainbow Nation tweet up:

1. Before breakfast, a leopard walked along-side our stopped open-air vehicle!

2. Going to a village outside of Bogani, in that open vehicle, our driver, my friend and I were riding slow as people (adults and children) would smile and wave to us. No one asked for money, they just smiled and waved like we were celebrities, even the kids at a soccer game – it brought tears to my eyes.

3. Our open-air vehicle stopped in the middle of a herd of Cape Buffalo, I could have touched them, we were that close!!!

An adventurer who is clearly in love with the Rainbow Nation, Sharyne will also be heading off with us on our 6-day African Insight overland tour, featuring some awesome game viewing in the Kruger National Park.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where's the buzz in the Rainbow Nation? Vote Now on our Twtpoll!

Where's the buzz in the Rainbow Nation?

Now you can rank the top five destinations in South Africa put forward by our tweeps and Wild Tweep judges. 

Join the Twitter buzz @AcaciaAfrica this Friday 26 of February from 13:00 to 13:20 (GMT) and quiz our winning Wild Tweep. We promise, this will be one tweet up guaranteed to have you dusting off that back pack in 5 seconds flat and heading off on a new South Africa adventure!

Please add the following event hashtag to all your tweets: #WildTweep

Friday, February 19, 2010

#GoWildOnline campaign: Five Extraordinary Adventures Every Friday...

The Acacia Wild Bunch are back with five more extraordinary adventures. Part of our #GoWildOnline campaign, this week’s list includes the must do “Ali T” Spice tour, Lemur Love and a nice cup o’ cha in Morocco…

“Ali T” Spice Town tour: They’re certainly spicing things up in Zanzibar and we’re not talking about cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon or ginger – although there is a visit to the plantations on the tour. Ali T, one of the many guides will, according to one recent adventurer, roll out “a half African, half “Ali G” routine, peppered with rhyming slang and ‘innits’. One excursion not to be missed!

Two sugars please!: What better way to trek across the desert than by camel. Venture into the Sahara at Erg Chebbi and travel Moroccan style by camel for a night under the stars at a Berber camp – complete with a nice cup o’ cha.

Lemur Love: These cuddly creatures will give you a warm welcome in Madagascar. Head off on a dhow and sail around the Nosy Be archipelago enjoying fantastic marine life, swimming, fishing, forest walks and beach camping – oh and yes, not forgetting your new found travel buddies. Nosy Komba, is Lemur Love central, these captivating creatures noted for their friendly disposition.

There’s more to Cape Town than you think!: So grab yourself some diving gear and head off in a cage for a date with the Great White – shark-tastic!

Get even closer to the wildlife: Why not voluntour and get a hands on appreciation of the work being done by the “Race Against Extinction Project in South Africa. This is one of the oldest wildlife care and conservation projects for cheetah in Africa, and the location at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range, is just awesome!

Where will your next African adventure take you? Still undecided? Check out our 2010 online brochure...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where's The Buzz In South Africa?: Your votes please!

We're dreaming of South Africa & putting it to the vote:) Where is the buzz in the Rainbow Nation? Hotspots at the ready please!!!

Enter your nominations on our Facebook page or email us by Saturday the 20th of February at

Got a burning question on the Rainbow Nation? Join us for our virtual tweet up and quiz our winning Wild be announced shortly! Yes, our three expert safari bloggers are currently working their way through those applications so hold tight!!!

As the event is happening online, adventurers from around the globe can ask questions, share links, pix, vids and pretty much any South Africa centric info:) RSVP on Facebook or Twtvite

The Tweet up will run on the Acacia Africa Twitter page from 13:00-13:20 GMT - next Friday 26th of February. Last of all tweeps, please remember to add the following hashtag to your tweets at the event: #WildTweep 

Alternatively, email us in advance with your questions on the gowildonline address above...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Got That Friday Africa Feeling?!!!: Go Solo This Valentines, Find A Travel Buddy & Tweet Your Way Back To South Africa...

Yes, it’s Valentines this weekend, but if you’re feeling single and adventurous we’ve got five top tips in our Friday mailer that will make candlelit dinners a thing of the past. And those travel buddy requests keep pouring in so if you can make the same dates check out the requests below.

Don’t forget you can still save 20% on our overland tours – another reason to book a trip to amazing Africa this February!

Today is also the last call for “Wild Tweep” entries and with a FREE safari up for grabs it’s all the more reason to tweet for us on the 26th. Of course, if you haven’t quite made it to the Rainbow Nation as yet, then come join us for the tweet up and quiz the winning Wild Tweep – as South Africa will be your oyster! RSVP @ Twtvite or on Facebook.

We’re also featuring a few extra posts from Cathy May, our "Real Wanderer”: a career gapper, who gave up the city rat race to travel the globe.

And to get you in the mood for Africa – why not check out the hot Kenyan music scene while reading our mailer…Muthoni and Dela providing you with some amazing sounds from the continent's wildlife capital!

So travel buddies at the ready!: First up is Rob Beard who has just booked on the 1st of May Desert Tracker overland trip. Anyone else on that get in touch. :)

And another adventurer is heading off on the Cape Desert Safari departing 17th April. They’ll be in Cape Town from the 10th of April and could meet before hand too!

So was your speed dating a wash out? Try a date with the Great White this Valentines!

Wild Tweep entries: Get the low down from our expert safari judges including, and, as they spell out three reasons to be in it to win it!

If you can’t make the virtual tweet up on the 26th you can also retweet our videos until the end of March, our random winner grabbing a 25% discount off their next overland tour – it’s a sinch! Simply copy and paste the following onto your Twitter page and it could be you!: RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

And just in case you missed those tweets – here’s a brief selection of the best…

As it's almost valentines, this we had to share: RT @AfricaFreak - hilarious parody of the "Top Gun" movie! Must-see:)

RT @AfricanProverbs: When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow. ~Ethiopian Proverb

RT @WildEarth: Leopard now live on Safari Channel!

RT @travelcomments: in today's news - Botswana: Okavango Delta is a finalist for top tourism awards #travel...

RT @TrulySAfrican: PDF download - Learn to speak Truly South African #languages #fun #southafrica #worldcup #holidays...

RT @SpotCoolStuff: The best daypacks for photographers #photography #travel

What is most important on safari? u may immediately think the wildlife...Check out PlanYourSafaris to find out more:

RT @Africafreak: 80 Amazing African Wildlife Photos!

RT @PlanYourSafaris: RT @20sTravel: When Getting Lost is a Good Thing

Real Wanderers: Career Gapper Tweet

Follow Cathy May on the 43-day Kenya To Cape Town overland trip…

All change! - here's to new adventures, travellers and tour leaders

Still wondering what to do before 5pm kicks in? Feast your eyes on Lake Malawi and Livingstone

Why take to the skies in Livingstone?

Get an insider perspective on Malawi and gen up those bartering skills

Zanzibar, it's a kind of magic, innit! A modern day take on Zanizibar with the “Ali T” Spice Tour (Ali G!):

For a head on culture shock try Tanzania:

Experience life on the road and get the low down on overlanding from our "career gapper"

Thinking of heading overland on our 43-day Kenya to CT? Feast your eyes on some amazing Africa images:)

Up, up and away! Experience game viewing from a different perspective

Roughing it in Tanzania - it's wild camping all the way long drop toilets & a few unexpected visitors!

Head for the Mara with Cathy May, our career gareer and get a taster of the game drive online

Still undecided on where to head next? Grab a copy of our 2010 brochure online...

“Just Go…”

The Acacia Africa team

BIG FIVE countdown 4 Wild Tweep Applications: LAST CALL 4 entries!

It’s the last day for Wild Tweep applications so here’s the final word from our expert safari judges and a quick reminder of why you should find five and enter...

So guys, I guess the question is why head off to South Africa? “the Kruger is by far the richest and most diverse ecosystem you can possibly dream of!” “The Wild Coast/former Transkei is WOW!. Why? Amazing landscape, the rocky coastline, never ending beaches, space to relax and to think about yourself, the world and everything else! Pure chillaxation!" “the battlefields are my favourite spot. Beautiful country side, great history and amazing guides to tell the stories of the Zulu wars.”

So there’s your answer – need we say more! Of course, the winner will be bagging a six-day overland trip including game viewing in the Kruger and as we’re talking about safaris – your ultimate African experience is just a click away. Download AfricaFreak's FREE Safari Tips 101 E-Book online now:

If you’ve yet to travel to South Africa or if you just want to join in the buzz then you can always can log onto Twitter on the 26th of February (13.00 – 13.20 GMT) and quiz our winning Wild Tweep. RSVP on Facebook or Twtvite.

Got a burning question on SouthAfrica? You can also email us pre tweet up at

#GoWildOnline campaign: Five Extraordinary Adventures Every Friday

The Acacia Wild Bunch are back with five more extraordinary adventures. Part of our #GoWildOnline campaign, this week’s list includes world record breaking heights in South Africa, an opportunity to swim with one of the Big Five in Zimbabwe and some cultural delights in Kenya's cultural capital, Nairobi…

Come on in, the water’s lovely!: Here’s a new thrill when it comes to nature’s four wheel drive experience. Now you can swim with the elephants in the Antelope Park’s lake – a reserve in Zimbabwe that is currently notching up quite a few firsts when it comes to the animal kingdom. OK, if you’re not game for this one, you can always take a more traditional elephant back safari, but the thought of a refreshing dip before you grab that sundowner sounds good to us.

World record breaking feats: So you’ve done the bungee in Livingstone...what’s next? The Bloukrans Bungee in South Africa is up there with the best as a proud Guinness World Record Holder, its dizzy heights reaching 216 metres. The adrenaline fueled excursion comes complete with countdown and of course full body harness before victims leap into the abyss. And, there is some peace of mind, as in Tsitsikamma they use the ultimate in bungee pendulum technology, ensuring a smoother ride!

Leave the 4X4 behind in Zambia: Experts say that South Luangwa is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world and this is in fact the very location where the famous walking safari originated. So forget the 4X4 - this is the ultimate way to game view. Love elephants? You’ll be spoilt for choice as herds can number up to around 70!

The kicking capital of Nairobi: A close encounter with the animal kingdom is more likely to be top of your list when you visit Africa's wildlife capital, however, now you grab some culture post safari with new Slam Poetry sessions being held in Nairobi. If you're not familiar with this aural genre, it's a head to head battle of the poets - rather like Pop Idol, but perhaps slightly more cerebral. An event that is certainly mixed in terms of its performances, you can usually bet on some heavy hip-hop influences, which draw on dub poetry, a little non-rhyming narrative, ironic monotone deliveries; and if you're really lucky, beat boxers, and tap dancers who choreograph their written word. Yet another reason to extend your adventure and add on city stay in Nairobi.

For future events you can contact Spark Africa Management at or telephone +254 721 219 564 or visit WAPI and the British Council on Facebook: WAPI (WORDS AND PICTURES). Event dates subject to change.

Glide over the Serengeti: There’s certainly more than one way to game drive and for a few extra dollars you can opt for a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti – the ideal way to appreciate the vastness of this “A” list national park. According to one recent adventurer, it’s certainly worth the extra dosh if only for the champagne breakfast that’s served up at the end of the trip. A little bit of luxury on a value packed overland jaunt!

Where will your next African adventure take you? Still undecided? Check out our 2010 online brochure...