Friday, February 5, 2010

#GoWildOnline campaign: Five Extraordinary Adventures Every Friday

As part of our #GoWildOnline campaign the Acacia Wild Bunch will be showcasing five extraordinary adventures every Friday, during February. This week we’re featuring apr├Ęs ski Moroccan style, alternative adrenaline activities in the adventure capital of Livingstone and if you can’t afford a Ferrari don’t worry, as our South African feathered friends could be the next best option!

Hunt with the King Of The Jungle: They say that only ten in every one million people will ever see a lion kill. Fancy raising the odds? At the Antelope Park in Zimbabwe you’ll have the option to enjoy the “Night Encounter”, part of the reserve’s “Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Programme”. Book your front row seat in the 4X4 and get ready for some live lion action, as the king of the jungle practices his stalking and hunting skills.

Forget Europe, come ski Africa: A novel place to test the powder, Oukaimeden in Morocco is less than a hundred miles from the start of the Sahara. Fancy a challenge that would give "Eddie The Eagle", a run for his money? The powder here might not be quite as smooth as that of established European resorts it does make for a more adventurous ski experience and (heyho!) there is little or no queueing for the lifts.

River boarding: Want an alternative to Livingstone’s popular white water rafting experience? Grab a board in Zambia, swim the rapids and surf the waves!

Ostrich riding: So a Ferrari is out of your price bracket? Don’t worry as an ostrich ride could be your next best option for an adrenaline rush. Yes, that’s right the sports car of the elite is in fact upholstered with our feathered friends and you can take one for an optional test drive in Oudtshroon – maximum speed 45kms p/h!

Safari the Zambezi: Want a change from the 4X4? Take to the water and experience an African safari from a different perspective. Canoe the Zambezi and paddle downstream as fish eagles swoop overhead and hippos wallow along the shores.

Where will your next adventure take you? Still undecided? Check out our 2010 online brochure...

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