Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where's The Buzz In South Africa?: Your votes please!

We're dreaming of South Africa & putting it to the vote:) Where is the buzz in the Rainbow Nation? Hotspots at the ready please!!!

Enter your nominations on our Facebook page or email us by Saturday the 20th of February at

Got a burning question on the Rainbow Nation? Join us for our virtual tweet up and quiz our winning Wild be announced shortly! Yes, our three expert safari bloggers are currently working their way through those applications so hold tight!!!

As the event is happening online, adventurers from around the globe can ask questions, share links, pix, vids and pretty much any South Africa centric info:) RSVP on Facebook or Twtvite

The Tweet up will run on the Acacia Africa Twitter page from 13:00-13:20 GMT - next Friday 26th of February. Last of all tweeps, please remember to add the following hashtag to your tweets at the event: #WildTweep 

Alternatively, email us in advance with your questions on the gowildonline address above...

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