Saturday, July 17, 2010

Suffering From Post Tournament Depression? Join Our Cape Town Office In The "Keep Flying" Campaign

Last Sunday’s final feels like a lifetime ago, but it seems that the post World Cup blues have well and truly set in. is even claiming that up to 40% of the UK’s football fanatics are at risk of developing PTD, more commonly known at Post Tournament Depression!

Recent research by the company showed that during the competition, the average British male thought about football 43 times a day, watched nearly 30 hours of the sport on TV and spent over £400 on World Cup merchandise and entertainment…and now it’s all over, the beautiful game blues are gripping the English nation.

So what are the options?

1.  Do nothing.  Replay that disallowed goal over and over in your head.  Die-hard England fans might want to make a dart board out of Assistant referee Mauricio Espinosa to reduce heightened levels of anxiety

2. Watch & learn - Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic certainly knows his stuff when it comes to PTD!

3. Join our Cape Town office in the “Keep Flying” campaign and celebrate everything that’s great about the Rainbow Nation.

Personally we like option 3, and while we admit that the “Keep Flying” campaign has a South African slant, why not just go with the flow, fly that flag on facebook and support the great nation that bought you Nelson Mandela, fantastic safari experiences and one of the best world cup’s we’ve seen in a while.

How to get involved? Keep flying the flag. It’s a symbol of the vibrant and welcoming nature of South Africa, and a reminder, that together we can achieve anything. (Feeling better already?!!!) Grab a background, an email signature, a profile pic (for Facebook, Twitter etc). Post it, badge it, print and share it.

If you're truly passionate about the Rainbow Nation, why not just go! Book yourself on one of our guaranteed overland departures before the 31st of July, enjoy the very best of South Africa and more besides, and save 40% on July departures and 30% on August departures.

More importantly, Stay positive. Stay upbeat. Travel with the locals. Celebrate local. Greet a stranger in South Africa – a local one. Say “howzit” or “heita”. Get involved. Locally. Wear a flag. Respect the flag. Just love it. All of it, and all of us. Remember all we’ve done. Remember the beautiful game. And never forget, it’s nothing as yet.

We’ll be keeping those flags flying until 10th of August – and whatever your nation, remember footy fans, there’s always another world cup around the corner! Of course, you can't beat the officlal "Wavin' flag" anthem, so get your ears round the uplifting beats of K'naan, click through to  our online brochure  and plan your next dream trip in the Rainbow Nationthe ultimate cure for PTD sufferers across the globe!

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