Friday, December 10, 2010

The BEST of the blog 2010!

As we’re nearing the end of 2010, we thought we’d leave you with a round up of the best Acacia Africa blog posts.  

So here’s a selection of the biggest hitters, to whet your adventurous appetite and put you in the mood for Africa… 

Totally chilled and well known for it’s excellent dive sites, first up is Dahab.  If learning to scuba is on that list of New Year’s resolutions, make a splash in Egypt and soak up some sun too! 

This summer it was game on in the Rainbow Nation, so we couldn’t resist adding this to the list.  Feast your eyes on some amazing South Africanisms and handy local slang – all courtesy of the Backpackers Guide To South Africa.  One of our favourites: BLIKSEM (BLUK-SEM): If you're in a pub and you accidentally spill a beer belonging to a man with a thick neck, he may say: "Do you want me to bliksem you?" Don't respond. Just run. Run for your life. It's the Afrikaans word for hit or strike or punch!

Yes, Valentines Day is coming around again, so listen up solo travellers as we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons to stay single and adventurous! And we'd like to send a Big Five shout out to Michelle Lewis (pictured above), a.k.a. the Acacia Wild Bunch, for her awesome Africa insight!

Are you thinking of joining us on the 43-day Kenya To Cape Town overland expedition?  If that’s a resounding yes, catch up with Cathy May, one of our 'Real Wanderers,' and ENJOY Malawi and Zambia!

Crazy About Kenya?  You bet!  All the more reason to travel online with our talented Nairobi partners - a group of musicians and artists who came together to showcase the best of Africa's wildlife capital on film

Covering everything from Monkey Gland Soup to the Big Seven, here’s a quick run down of our South Africa tweet up hosted by our winning ‘Wild Tweep’ Sharon Davis Baser. Don't worry: no monkeys were harmed during the event!

In November, Mike Cook gave us his take on the 19-day South West Safari.  One amazing trip and a quite a few memory cards later, we came up with this… However, we warn you, the show is 100% inspiration, so be prepared for early bird booking syndrome to kick in! 

To Zim or not to Zim? We joined the debate, held by The Times online earlier this year and added a few handy tips on how to do Zimbabwe on a budget

Mad about Madagascar?  Here’s some insider info from Sara Le Houllier and a link to her new Madagascar Travel Companion. Lemur love central is one of Sara’s favourite haunts, so why not delve into her recent travels too...

With so many travel pundits out there you might end up suffering from adventure blog overload.  Don’t worry, as we created a top of the Acacia tree list to tantalize those travel buds in just one click. 

If you haven’t tried a fried grasshopper yet, never fear, as Adventure Rob gave us the low down on this culinary masterpiece, and just in case you get stuck with the travel buddy from hell – some useful escape routes

And as we’re all overlanding addicts, we thought we should leave you with a top three on why it’s the only way to go in Africa

Still not sure where you’re heading in 2011? Grab a copy of our new brochure online and check out our specials page for some of the best deals in Africa!

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