Friday, September 3, 2010

Why overlanding is still the only way to go!

Overlanders are definitely a varied group of travellers, which means no one trip will ever be the same.  In fact, being somewhat unpredictable, this form of travel is a little like Africa itself, and that’s part of the joy of overlanding

Of course, overlanding is not for everyone, and Paul Theroux’s recollection in “Dark Star Safari,” does sound, according to Ben Groundwater (travel writer, blogger, journalist, sub-editor and anything else someone will pay him to be), like a nightmare experience in which he found himself to be poles apart from his fellow travellers. Saying that, with 24 people on an overland tour, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find a few, if not more amiable adventurers willing to “chew the fat” when it comes to Africa; even if they can’t remember where Kevin barfed!

Subjective experience aside, Mr. Theroux’s “Dark Star Safari” epic is certainly one to read, but if it doesn’t float your boat, why not check out Five Ways To Carry A Goat, a travel memoir of Ben Groundwater’s time touring the globe while staying with the readers of his weekly Fairfax blog, the Backpacker.  During his four-month trip Ben hitch-hiked with a Brazilian sniper, tended to pigs in northern Thailand, got drunk at a wedding in the Czech Republic, and (really did!!!) carry a goat in Ethiopia.

We did test out Ben’s theory before writing this post (although, you’ll have to read his recent article first), and we have to admit, while there may well be a few closet “Bon Jovi” fans residing in the Acacia office, the good news is that overlanding is still an enlightening way to see Africa. And, here’s why…

  • Guidebooks are without a doubt a great starting point when encountering new destinations, and you’ll find a few on the truck. Then again, you can’t beat a bit of real time Africa banter, as reminiscing en route is priceless!

  • According to our resident travel psychologist, Max Tookey, being in a group of people who are relative unknowns can bring out the adventurer in you – especially once you’ve broken the ice over a beer.  Thought you’d never bungy jump? Well, think again… however, we warn you, the adrenaline rush can be addictive.

  • You’ll meet a bunch of new travelling buddies from around the world – your shared experiences breathing life into any blog post…so much so, that any Africa addict will be salivating at the thought of their next jaunt on the continent! Basically, overlanding is a prospective travel writer’s gold mine!

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