Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't leave home for Madagascar without Sara LeHoullier - a "must have" Travel Companion for the backpack!

If Madagascar is the next destination on your "must go" adventure list, you can always hop on a dhow and sail around the relatively undiscovered eighth continent with us - but here's a tip...  leave room in the backpack for Sara LeHoullier.  Well not literally, as we're referring to her recently released Madagascar (Travel Companion). Published by Other Places Publishing, this is an uncut guide that goes way further than the more usual and endless lists of hotels and attractions, and this is one writer who is simply mad about Madagascar!

Since 2005, Sara, a North Carolina native has been exploring the country from top to bottom as a volunteer, a researcher, and an intrepid explorer. As any true traveller will admit, she enjoys cramming into rickety bush taxis, dining on unfamiliar animal parts, and trekking through untouched rainforests bursting with biodiversity. 

One for the adventurous, her guide is proving to be a perfect tagalong for travellers who appreciate the local side of travel - Sara's first-hand experiences and personal recommendations allowing Madagascar fans to get under the skin of Lemur central. Full of practical, useful information, authentic cross-cultural experiences and meaningful, responsible travel - it offers eye-opening travelbites that will leave you wanting to know more, and let's face it - we never (want to!) stop travelling...

Of course, while most of us are constantly juggling the 9-5 rat race with our insatiable passion for adventure and can't claim to be guide book writers just yet, there is undoubtedly a travel blogger in every nomad.  So, why not follow in Shane Donovan’s fingertips, share the explorer in you, enthuse a bunch of like-minded followers and track down a guest post slot on the net.  True to his word Shane has just been featured on where he dishes out his top twelve tips on showcasing your experiences and getting the travel bug out there, online...

Still undecided on Africa - look out for our new brochure -coming soon!

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