Friday, August 20, 2010

'A' Level Low? Fill in that gap year & grab yourself some star quality appeal in Africa!

The ‘A’ level results are in, but you’ve missed out on a place at your chosen university.  According to, you won’t be alone, but using your time wisely could give you star quality appeal and leave other candidates out in the cold.

Of course, there are heaps of travel opportunities around to fill in that awesome gap year, so where do we come in? OK, we don’t cover gap experiences per se, however, we do offer a host of short stint voluntours and overland trips of up to 58 days that will get you under the skin of Africa, whether its conservation or community based tourism that floats your boat.

Why not start your gap year with an overland experience and hit the open road on our 46-day Ultimate African Adventure. The positives?...
  1. You’ll meet a bunch of adventure-minded people, and who knows, maybe a few safari sidekicks you can hook up with after the tour is over.
  2. If you haven’t been to Africa before you’ll have a better appreciation of the differing cultures by the end of the trip, and you’ll be brimming with confidence if you’re aiming to go it alone.
  3. While our voluntours are based on shorter stints you’ll still be developing a new skill set to help you shine at that all important interview - whether you’re planning to study or put your first step on the career ladder on your return home.

Before we leave you to mull over the options in our current brochure  we’d like to give a shout out to the "Keep Flying" campaign team, as they are aiming to break a Guinness World Record tomorrow (at the Vodacom Tri-Nations Test Match to be held at FNB Stadium in Soweto), by attempting to have the most flags flown in one stadium at one time.  Good luck guys we’ll be flying one too!

And as it’s Friday we couldn’t resist leaving you with this mug shot courtesy of the Skinny BackpackerEgypt’s answer to Mr. Ed! In fact, strangely enough we think we've found the long lost brother of said camel in our current photo-library!!!


renozalizwe said...

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Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Thanks for the comment - we'll keep you posted on all things Africa!

Dustin said...

Thanks for the shoutout! :) Great pic you've got there, albeit with straight teeth :)

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

hahaha...No worries Dustin - hilarious post!:) Keep 'em comin'!!!