Monday, July 20, 2009

Andy "the great outdoorsman from the Veldt," bags a baboon or two in Swaziland

This week’s patter comes live and direct from Malalotja Nature Reserve: Well, it’s all quiet on the Southern front – in fact you could hear a pin drop out here on the fern lined paths. We’re out on a game walking expedition with our guide and heading through the Malalotja Nature Reserve - a great spot if you want to avoid hordes of tourists. I’ve joined up with adventurers on the 13-day Trek South Africa adventure – say “hi” guys!

Now we’re making our way into the lush highland forests for yet another amazing photo opportunity. Apparently the views from the escarpment over the lowfeld beyond are simply awesome.

By the way – don’t worry I’ll make it out of here in one piece as this is one park that’s free of the larger and more dangerous game species. Then again with baboons, eland and even a small herd of elephants calling this their home it’s certainly amazing wildlife viewing.

My top tip – get yourself over to one of the parks waterfalls, scamper down the granite slopes and take a dip. You can even try some cliff jumping. I took the leap from a good 35-feet - certainly a "must do" feat for the adrenaline junkies out there!

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