Friday, July 24, 2009

The BIG interview: “Andy the great outdoorsman from the Veldt," interviews Enock Ngwenya from the VFAPU

“Andy the great outdoorsman from the Veldt,” Acacia Adventure Holidays alter-go, interviews Enock Ngwenya from the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit

Andy: OK, so we’re here with one of the VFAPU team, "Enock Ngwenya" - for the newbies out there, that’s the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit

Andy: So you’ve been here since 1999 guys?

Enock: That’s right, working with the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and the Zimbabwe Republic Police

Andy: So where does the environmental poaching come in Enock?

Enock: The economic situation has increased poaching whether it's stone for construction, trees for firewood or plants for food - the list goes on...

Andy: So we’re not just talking about the wildlife?

Enock: No, but the bush meat market still poses one of the greatest threats to Africa’s wildlife populations

Andy: How so mate?...

Enock: 1.9 and 3.5 million tons of bush meat is consumed in Central and Southern Africa on an annual basis

Andy: Wow, hey look, I guess most of us are just coming here to game drive – but that’s a seriously BIG figure! I’m in…

Enock: The poachers target a variety of species such as buffalo, kudu, eland, impala and set life threatening snares

Enock: These wire death traps cause tremendous suffering, sometimes the victim takes several days to die after being caught

Andy: So we travellers play a really important part – in a sense, when we find a snare, we've saved (bagged) an elephant!

Enock: Yes, very true Andy, and after our safety briefing that’s our first task today

Andy: And, I suppose there’s also commercial poaching – ivory, skins and what not? (see my "twitpic" of the leopard skin at

Enock: Yes, but in particular, the escalation of both black and white rhino poaching is of great concern to us

Andy: And how do we go about changing all of this - really?

Enock: there are 16 of us VFAPU scouts sweeping the park 7 days a week - but you tourists make a real difference

Enock: We remove snares, apprehend poachers & we educate local communities using drama, song and dance on conservation

Andy: Hey I’m up for a boogie Enock, but seriously I’m sure tourists must be pretty stoked when they're rescuing animals?

Enock: Yes, there's certainly a feel good factor when we make it out there in time and it's a powerful shared experience

Andy: So how can we help out there on the ground?

Enock: We dart & treat injured mammals. Donor funding provides the much needed drugs, such as M99, and the tourists help us to clean wounds & track poachers

Andy: well – that’s the briefing over guys, Ndatenda (thanks) Enock – now we’re off to join the scouts for a snare sweep

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