Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Tips For Overlanding From Nomad: UK Adventure Travel Store – Leaders In Travel Preparation

You’ve booked a fabby trip with Acacia Africa – that was the easy bit! Now you need to get ready. How do you know what is the best clothing and equipment to take? Where do you start with your health? Especially in a continent as diverse as Africa! Don’t worry, help is at hand. Here at Nomad Adventure Travel Store we have been kitting out adventurers for overland trips since 1990 – that’s nearly 20 years experience – both for clothing and equipment and travel health. Our ethos is to ensure you are prepared with the right gear and medical supplies on your special trip. We want to be love the overland experience. To help you along here are a few tips:

Sleeping Bag
Probably the most difficult item to get right, especially for multi destination trips. If you feel the cold, cater for the coldest and use in conjunction with a liner, otherwise versatility and layering is the key. Going from hot and cold (high altitude and desert to the tropics) consider a 1 – 2 season sleeping bag + a tropical quilt + thermal base layer + fleece or insulated mid layer.

Self Inflating Mats
Mats are very important for ground insulation and comfort, ordinary camping mats are fine but bulky (not an issue on the truck as there is plenty of storage space). Self-inflating mats are by far the more comfortable and pack down small, a repair kit is essential – they are easily punctured, especially in some areas of Africa where glass-like sand and thorns are prevalent.


Important for any trip into high altitude. Useful for those who feel the cold in areas where evening temperatures can plummet such as the desert. They also make great pyjamas when it’s cold at night.

Kit Bag/Holdall
If you don’t intend to travel on after the overland tour then a sturdy holdall/kit bag is ideal for truck based trips.

And One For The Girls…Sports Bra
A Sports Bra will give added comfort when travelling in the truck over rough terrain. Used and recommended by many female overland drivers and couriers.

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