Monday, August 10, 2009

Andy "the great outdoorsman from the Veldt," live and direct from South Luangwa, in Zambia

Well this week I’m out for a game drive with some wanderers on the 5-day South Luangwa Safari. So far so good, we’ve just spotted a big cat – who decided to do a little grooming right in front of our 4X4, and earlier the hippos were out grazing right next to our camp. The park’s well known for its herds of elephants so I'm pretty certain they’ll be appearing at some point.

Tonight we’ll be taking a night drive in the park - no doubt we’ll be on the look out for leopards, hyenas and lionesses out on the hunt - and who knows, maybe even a couple of foraging hippos or two.

This week’s top tip: do go bush camping beside the Luangwa River – it’s awesome 24-7 game viewing!

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