Friday, August 14, 2009

Andy the great outdoorsman from the Veldt, gets the low down from Africa Addicts on the day of the Big Five Flash Sale

Andy the great outdoorsman from the Veldt, reporting to you live and direct from Acacia’s London office on the day of the Big Five Flash Sale

Andy: It's pure pandemonium here, we’ve had people camping outside the office since 6am - it’s like the annual migration of the wildebeest. The Acacia team are still taking bets on the number one safari destination – oh hang on word has just come in…

Apparently, the Ngorongoro was a hot contender, but the Acacia team says it’s now a mash up between the Mara and Serengeti. Well, there are plenty of wildlife capital fans here so let’s get the low down from some of the UKs Africa overlanding addicts...

Andy: I’m talking with Sarah who’s travelled up here all the way from sunny Manchester – so was it worth the trek to the Big Smoke Sarah?

Sarah: Well Andy, you know my heart truly belongs to the Mara and I’m game for the 58-day African Overlander – saving me £425

Andy: Huge saving and good choice Sarah - in fact, the reserve was our Tuesday Big Five Flash Sale Hot Spot

Andy: So you really are an addict for Africa Sarah – and how are the panic attacks these days – I guess it must have been at least three months since your last trip? That's a long time to be away from the continent if you're truly addicted?

Sarah: Well, obviously the attacks have subsided now I’m about to book – but I took your advice and I‘ve been regularly tuning into National Geographic, camping out in my living room while listening to Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo and plugging myself into the Africa Freak. I've also been following Dan "your man in Africa," on the 43-day Kenya To Cape Town overland tour, reading his daily tweets, plus catching up with his “Around The World Travel Blog”. I have to say that’s been a real life saver.

Andy: And I guess you couldn’t resist a little window shopping at the Nomad Travel Store – as once you book with Acacia you can make savings of to 10%

Sarah: Oh, without a doubt that shopping trip certainly kept me sane

Andy: So you feel like the pressure's off now Sarah?

Sarah: Yes you could say that…err!!...

Andy: Oh wait a moment there’s been a bit of a scuffle near the brochure rack – seems like we’re running out.

Andy: Sit down mate and take it easy...there's still a few hours left to book

Andy: So guys, I’ve just been joined by Tom from Oxfordshire - that’s it deep breaths Tom. He seems to have been pipped at the post when it came to that last brochure.

Tom: No response - still breathing heavily into paper bag

Andy: So Africa is not just a passion for you it’s pretty much an obsession Tom?

Tom: Faint nods from Tom

Andy: And you’ve been like this ever since you witnessed the annual migration? It’s the Mara for you every time then?

Andy: Well, Tom’s smile says it all peeps :) I think at this point I should mention for those of you who are still not aware, including Tom, that you can grab a copy of the brochure online. I'm certain that will be good news for Africa addicts everywhere ☺

Andy: Anyway fellow Africa fans, that’s a thumbs up from Tom and don’t worry if you couldn’t join us here for the Big Five Flash Sale – you can still email us at or call 020 7706 4700 to book. And remember the Big Five Flash Sale closes at 5pm, so fix yourself up with a date on the African plains, go for the big one and grab that 55% deal in the Kruger.

Andy: Of course if you want to do the gap month adventure then why not try the 43-day Kenya to Cape Town and save 25%

Andy: Meanwhile, we’d be delighted to hear why Africa does it for you and do keep sending in those top tips for the ultimate safari in Africa, but for now it’s over and out…

Andy: This has been Andy, “the great outdoorsman from the Veldt" reporting to you live from Acacia’s Big Five Flash Sale Lancaster Gate, London.”

Catch up with me in Madagascar next week - one of my favourite spots in Africa - and if you want to make the most of what is known as the the eighth continent, watch out for our Madagascar Tweet up next Friday 21 August from 10 am right through to midday. Send your questions in advance to or tweet us on the day at:

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