Monday, August 17, 2009

Andy the great outdoorsman from the Veldt, goes trekking in the Andisabe Reserve in Madagascar

Wotcha Africa addicts – this week I’m out trekking with some more seasoned safari goers who’ve decided to opt for our 11-day Madagascar Revealed adventure.

We’re up and at ‘em in the early hours as we’re going to be going off in search of the Indri Indri – Madagascar’s largest Lemur. It’s high tourist season in July and August, but certainly not overcrowded, as people tend to opt for Madagascar year-round. Wait up – well it sounds like a whale, but I do believe that’s one of the Indri Indri calling us. The excitement is on tap here as we’re also expecting to check in with some colourful chameleons, tenrecs and a host of birdlife while we’re out on the trail in this beautiful forested reserve.

Top tip: get yourself ready for a fairly long trek of around three hours or more and take plenty of water. Don’t forget, mosey on over to Twitter this Friday 10am to midday (BST) and ask away! – as you’ll be able to tweet us about the wonders of Madagascar – pre the “tweet up” if you have any burning questions on this amazing African country please send them to

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