Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Wild For Africa - Sharing Amazing Antics From The Continent...

Tired of the same old adventures:( 

Starting in February, as part of our "Go Wild Online" campaign we'll be showcasing some of the less predictable options in Africa, courtesy of the Acacia Wild Bunch!

Going beyond the tried and tested pursuits, we’ll leave you with some inspiring ideas, so you can book that once in a lifetime “rave reservation” on the continent.

You can also vote for your favourite options, which will be featured under our new “Go Wild For Africa…” photo album…or add your own experiences into the mix!

So, if you’re a dare devil when it comes to adrenaline or an adventurer who likes to do things differently then feel free to mosey on down to our Facebook page and share some of your more out there pursuits and pix…

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