Monday, January 11, 2010

From Norwich to Nairobi…

Once we hit the rat race, it’s not easy leaving life as we know it behind - and it’s an even bigger step when there’s no corporate company sabbatical acting as a career comfort blanket.

At 33, Cathy May was nervous about her decision to take a break from her city lifestyle. Formerly a high flyer in the PR business and co-founder of a PR company, she was now embarking on a nine-month travelling stint and leaving friends and family behind.

However, when the going gets tough there are always breakfast buffets to cure those last minute nerves and don’t worry, as being late for check in is not necessarily a bad thing!!!:)

Next up: Follow Cathy and relive her first African experience – even before she touches down in Nairobi central! An eye opener for all…

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