Saturday, January 23, 2010

Retweet To WIN A 25% Discount Off Your Next Acacia Africa Overland Tour!

From now until mid March 2010, not only will we be providing you with some amazing overland insights from real travellers, you can also retweet (RT) our Go Wild Online campaign videos & WIN a 25% discount off your next overland tour!

Whether it's the scenic vistas, wildlife, adventure, culture, or just the chilled out lifestyle out on the road that drives you when it comes to overland - we can promise that our videos will have you dusting off that backpack in 30 seconds flat!

Here's the full selection of retweets (RTs) if you're looking to head overland in 2010 for less! Simply, retweet the following to WIN a 25% discount off your next overland tour!:

(Life On The Road) RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

(Sensational Scenic Vistas) RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

(Culture Vultures) RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

(Non-Stop Adventure) RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

(Wicked Wildlife!) RT #GoWildOnline with Acacia Africa

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