Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Real Wanderers: Nairobi – Please Drive Carefully

Driving in Nairobi brings a whole new meaning to getting behind the wheel; in fact jay walking animals would be small fry compared to navigating major roundabouts without headlights at night!!! Time to go overland?:)

Next Up: Living without the luxuries becomes a reality, but it's a promising start for hostel life...

Cityscape image courtesy of Magical Kenya

Matatu (local bus) image courtesy of Tim Kiarie


Sildenafil said...

wow at night Nairobi looks like a USA city with all those lights and beautiful buildings. I stayed in Nairobi for some weeks the last year and the place and people are so nice!

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Great pic - we love that one too! Nairobi is truly cosmopolitan - and a cultural hub for poets, musicians and artists. Here's the latest "Crazy About Kenya" slideshow showcasing some of the major talent in the wildlife capital