Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Real Wanderers - Live & Online...

Our new logo encapsulates the heartbeat of Africa with the blazing African sun and the famous Acacia tree. The vivd yellows and reds are vibrant African colours that mirror our team and the tours we offer.

The catchy new slogan, "Extraordinary Adventures Everyday" is made up of three distinct words that invoke excitement, imagination and tantalizing travel...

Extraordinary - beyond the ordinary, opposite of normal

Adventures - exciting activity, journey

Everyday - day after day...

It's not simply a tour, it's a way of life.

We'll be sharing some more interesting insights from "Real Wanderers" so check back with us on FB for regular updates from Monday 11 January...

First up is Cathy May from Reading in the UK - a career breaker who took the plunge...

Real Wanderers: If you’re thinking of taking a career break why not follow Cathy from Reading.

At 33, Cathy set off on a nine month travelling stint, a world away from her time co-running a successful PR agency in London.

She felt her hectic lifestyle had taken its toll and was desperate to recharge her batteries so Cathy took the leap, even renting out her house and moving back in with her parents while she planned the trip.

She wanted to include Africa on her travels (omitted by many backpackers, especially women) and chose to kick off her round-the-world trip with an organised Acacia Africa overland tour.

Even if you’re not working for a large company that might offer a sabbatical, Cathy told us, “it’s worth the trip.”

Nearly three months into her travels, she agreed it was one of the best decisions she had ever made.


* The unfamiliar can give you a whole new perspective, whether you're visiting under privileged communities in Kenya, scrambling up sand dunes at dawn in Namibia or spotting whales and dolphins in South Africa.

* For her future employers, Cathy believes that a career break is an enhancement to anyone's CV. “I already know that I will return to home and be more than ready for my next challenge!”

Watch out for our regular updates on Cathy's 43-day Kenya to Cape Town overland tour – the first installment detailing her antics at Heathrow including, how breakfast buffets can help cure nerves and advice on getting an upgrade. Business Class anyone?!!!...

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