Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Fall 4 AFRICA Friday - NEW tour leader blog - hook up on Facebook - WIN at the TNT Travel Show!

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This month we saw plenty of adventurers hoping to hook up on out on tour so sign up to our Facebook page, and watch out for your trip dates! We were also inundated with advice from travellers on Frugal February – a Big Five thanks guys. Catch up with the Don’t Ever Look Back blogging duo, Amy and Kieron, to find out more! 

AfricaFreak has been giving us the low down on his 58-day Ultimate African Overlander expedition and we’ve been treated to some elephant love over at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (the video is a must see!), a taster voluntour and on tap gorilla viewing. Don’t worry if you missed it as we’re only on day 16 and there’s more coming soon

Knowing that you’re totally addicted to Africa, there was even more cause for celebration on 01 February, as we guaranteed another 73 departures right through till late October – woohoo!

Before we head into the news, we’d also like to send out some amazing Africa vibes to all the adventurers we met at Destinations London, and if you’re itching to catch up with the team we’ll be at the TNT Travel Show on 19 March. Get ready for your next adventure, as there'll be a chance to win a 6-day African Insight overland expedition (offer excludes flights) - all the more reason to join us at the show... Hope to see you there!

Hot off the paws, we had some sensational February updates from the Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Project (based in Zambia and Zimbabwe) that we just had to share. Bro & sis cubs Monde & Mvuthu were last seen perfecting their hunting skills - vulture, lizard & baboon being served up for their first bush brunch! Do your bit for wildlife conservation and go walking with lions on our 2-day African Lion Rehabilitation Project Voluntour £385pp + local payment from £13pp. Extra days of volunteering (per day – maximum 7-days) £195pp + local payment from £6pp.

Katie who’s travelling on the 46-day Ultimate African Adventure was inspired.  She can still visit the project by adding on a flight cost, but if you’re on the 39-day tour, ending in Livingstone you'll be right in the midst of the animal action, as we can organise visits in Zambia.

Want to grab a slice of the overland experience online?  Follow our tour leaders and travellers round Africa and hop on the virtual truck!

Then again, for some people (us included) one Africa trip isn’t nearly enough. If you want to work as crew on the overland trucks contact our operations department Want to be office based? Contact

And, don't forget, until the next Fall 4 Africa Friday rolls around, you can always get your adventure fix by leafing through our online brochure!

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