Friday, March 4, 2011

First Friday Wild Post From Go + photography from South Africa that will blow you away!

Visiting a cheetah conservatory was one of my favorite animal experiences in South Africa (c)

We’ve had some amazing First Friday Wild Posts, but when David Lee, Editor of, showed us these shots of South Africa, we were literally blown away! 

David blogged his way around the world on Go Backpacking from 2007, all the way through to 2009. When not writing, he can be found salsa dancing in Medellin, Colombia. Yes David, we like your style, and with photography like that we'd also like to borrow your camera! Any chance...? Follow David on Twitter @rtwdave

Cage diving with Great White Sharks near Gansbaai is a one in a lifetime opportunity, unless you're Brad Pitt, who has been several times (c)

Penguins enjoy the sand at Boulders Beach near Cape Town (c)

Preparing to ride my first ostrich in Oudtshoorn (c)

A baby elephant feeds from its mother near a watering hole in Addo National Elephant Park (c)

Encountering the blue Koppie Foam Grasshopper in the Drakensberg Mountains (c)

A giraffe takes a moment away from eating to check us out in our safari truck in the Kruger Park (c)

This chameleon shows its true colors crossing the road in Kurger Park (c)

The flightless dung beetle is well worth watching, if you can handle the smell of the elephant dung it hangs out in (Kruger National Park) (c)

A lion sighting was atop everyone's list during my Kruger Park safari (c)

I'm sure we've left you wanting more!  You can always hop on an overland tour and discover more of South Africa with us, alternatively, why not check in with David at, as we're pretty sure there are more photos to share. Bring it on!!!


craig said...

Dave, next time I see you, I must ask you about the Ostrich Ride...

stay adventurous, Craig

Anonymous said...

ooooo you have ostrich rides? thats cool. hey were r u located?

Anonymous said...

Hey are you allowed to stroke leopards? And on the pic is it a shark or dolphin? Whats that multicolored bug called? OH can vErItY get of the chair? And can Efi'S ever obey you ?Also are kids allowed there? thanks :)

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Ostrich rides are available on the 7-day Coast To Cape Town - we're based in the UK and South Afrca =)

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

it's a blue Koppie Foam Grasshopper - if you want to get closer to the big cats you can go walking with lions in Zimbabwe and Zambia - if you're taking the kids it's worth looking at our small group safaris =)