Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Real Wanderers! Go overland on our 28-day Game Parks & Gorillas overland tour…

Was this the first time you have taken an overland trip?

This tour was my second overland trip. Top 3 reasons for booking - Africa is awesome, it's a chance to travel with a group of like minded people and also see the amazing wildlife and scenery en-route. 

Is Africa good value for money?

I think that Africa is a well priced destination, although the tour cost at first seems high, when your in the country the cost to buy additional food, drinks, souvenirs is cheap. The optional extras - for example, hot air ballooning at approx $500 US might seem pricey, but I cannot recommend it enough for the experience and what you will see is far worth all the dollars you have outlaid.

Did anything really take your breath away?

The gorilla trek in Rwanda!! - not only was the countryside of Rwanda more beautiful than any of the other countries we had visited, but when you come face to face and within a few metres of a silverback it is simply amazing. I will never forget the time I spent with the gorillas. They are such incredible creatures and to spend an hour with them in their natural habitat was a truly memorable experience. The Ngorongoro Crater was the second highlight. The whole crater is spectacular, right from your very first glimpse at the top of the rim. Camping and exploring the region in pop top 4x4s was great fun and the wildlife viewing the best by far. The day’s game drive in the crater is fantastic and the sheer volume of wildlife grazing in the crater is amazing. It’s a really special place and very unique.

Any humorous moments while out on tour?

Too many!

Any great places for a nosh up?

The chapati stalls just outside the camp at Jinja do the best chapatis for a bargain price! The stalls are on a dirt road just across from the site with friendly locals cooking the chapati's in front of you while you wait.

What about great experiences for culture vultures?

The two village visits with the Masai people were the best cultural experiences. To meet the tribes and gain an understanding of their lifestyle and beliefs was very interesting. They were so friendly and very happy to show us inside their mud huts and their traditional way of life. Really makes you appreciate how simple life can be and that you don't need much to exist.

What about the people you met on the trip - did you find that travelling with a truck load of like minded people makes for a better trip?

Of course! The tours are great as you do meet so many people on a similar travel plan, or at a similar stage in life to yourself. Everyone is on the tour for the same reasons to travel, see Africa and its wildlife and scenery, to meet people and have a good time. You always make a few lifetime friends and then you can always look forward to a reunion at a later date :)

Any advice for long in between journeys as that’s part and parcel of an overlanding trip?

Take a good book or two (although the truck library had some great books to read too), and an ipod. Be sure to bring a pack of cards

Will you be coming back to Africa?

Without a doubt I’ll be coming back to Africa! I would like to visit Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and see more of South Africa – Ethiopia, Sudan and Zanzibar - well I’ve been to the Spice Island, but I’m keen to revisit! I’d love to see more of this amazing continent, the different landscapes and its people. The wide open spaces and the smiling faces you see along the way make the trip.

Anything else you'd like to add?...

Michelle Lewis is the best tour guide ever!! She does an amazing job and still has an immense passion for Africa after being a tour guide for many years.

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Ellen said...

These discounts are great ! but how come they are not advertised on the website ? I have been checking in on the website frequently but not seen any like this since Dec. Is there a mailing list of up-dates like the discounts ?

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Hi ellen, thanks for the feedback - great to meet you on fb! As mentioned lots of deals going up on twitter and fb including some specials for Destinations London (03-06 Feb) - hope to see you there!!!

Ellen said...

I know lol,sorry ,I wrote that on FB and then saw these on here so as I wasn't sure who was the right one to ask, I asked both ! I live in Kenya so unfortunately you wont see me there but I wish you all the best x :)Have to admit though, thought you would of had better discounts for the Destination London ;)

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

No worries Ellen;) Have some amazing Africa Feb discounts going live later - and living in Kenya, you should definitely catch up with the Crazy About Kenya team as I'll be putting out a post from the guys this afternoon so watch out...p.s. how long are you going to be in Kenya for, or is that a permanent base for you? If the latter - lucky you!

Ellen said...

Now those discounts are more like it :)Very cool team, shame their so far though, Im in Kilifi about 8 hours drive away! I have a work contract here until August this year then I am going overlanding with you on your Ultimate overlander 58 days woho cant wait :)then back to Peterborough!

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Glad to hear it!!! Should be hearing from AfricaFreak very soon on that very trip - bet you can't wait - he had an amazing time - keep a look out! Hope you have a great trip!