Friday, February 4, 2011

First Friday Wild Post From The Crazy about Kenya Gang!

Yes, they're back adventurers, but this time the Crazy About Kenya team gave us an up to date list of all the hottest 2011 spots in Nairobi!  

In fact, when you want to know what's hip and happening in this cultural capital, these guys are first people you should be asking. Listed in the latest edition of Shoestring Travel Magazine - a publication answering pretty much any and every question when it comes to nomading, we believe you'd be hard pressed to find a better run down of where it's at...
You can meet the entire cast here - and why not drop a line to these recent Nairobi visitors, Amateurs in Africa, as they gave us the inside track on some of the best nightspots in Kenya's capital!

Lastly, a Big Five thanks to everyone who contributed - keep it comin'! We LOVE Kenya!!!

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