Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Mad Over The Masai Mara: Ben Williams

“On our second game drive the unexpected proves to be spectacular. Hanging out by a muddy pond, warthogs grunt and squeal, their long hair and stout bodies making them look like aging rock stars. We move across the dry and dusty plains in search of our prey, a group of hippos, wallowing in the water. As if by way of a greeting for our eager eyed group, they pop their heads above the water. 

After taking in their playful camaraderie we move further downstream, our catch for the day a group of graceful cheetahs springing on a herd of wildebeests - their well engineered tactics taking down one of the calves. We’re told by our driver that it’s rare to see a kill on a game drive, but it’s doubly rare to see cheetahs catching their prey. I smile to myself, as while it might be a return visit to catch the Big Nine, I can certainly attest to a tremendous morning’s safari.” Check out our 18-day Mountain Gorillas To The Mara (

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