Monday, June 8, 2009

Amelia Smith: single, twenty-something globetrotter

Amelia Smith is a single, twenty-something globetrotter caught between the city rat race and her Africa travel bug.  Her rented "shoebox-like" apartment costs way over the odds and the travel kitty is suffering from long periods of drought, especially in the recession. 

Her parent’s insistence that her regular furloughs on the African continent aren’t good for her career prospects continually drives her round the bend - her latest voluntour experience meeting with an all too familiar glazed expression from her mother. Tired of the humdrum monotony of office life; the appalling British weather; and meeting guys who have never travelled further than Europe, or who don’t understand the thrill of camping – her thoughts constantly return to Africa. 

Amelia is fixated on booking the perfect itinerary and determined to make huge concessions so that she can jump on the next available flight.  Struggling to cope with her Africa addiction, she feels the only way to get through life is to diarise her weekly ramblings – all in the hope of retaining her sanity until she touches back down on the continent. Catch her up with her here every Thursday…

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