Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Earth Day Top 30 - How To Stay Green Out On The Road...

Yes, it’s Earth Day adventurers, so we thought we’d run off a brief top 30 list as a guide to staying green out on the road. Featuring everything from what to take to how to travel this is a pretty comprehensive starter for ten, but if you’ve got an innovative idea you'd like to throw into the mix, come join us on the blog, Facebook or Twitter!

1. Use refillable water bottles

2. Pack recycled toilet tissue

3. Bring a solar charger for all your "techy" must haves

4. Use public transport (our fave, chilling on the colorful matatus in Nairobi!)

5. Shop in local markets, avoid chains

    6. Visit a few charity stores before the off! Dig deep as you might well find some awesome travel treasures

    7. Take rechargeable batteries

    8. Tie your trip into local events and make a greater contribution to the local community

      9. If you’re travelling independently quiz the hostel on their ethical commitment

      10. Use a quick dry antibacterial towel and re-use

      11. Pack light, as less weight will minimise fuel costs

      12. Buy a backpack that’s made from recyclable materials

        13. Take shorter showers

        14. Buy fresh food and avoid packaging

        15. Use biodegradable cleaning products

        16. Wind up torches might sound archaic, but they definitely get a green thumbs up!

        17. Swap books with your fellow adventurers out on tour, and look out for book exchanges in hostels

          18. Buy a"Green Map!" Great idea and they cover a sizeable portion of Africa…

          19. Bring reusable containers to cut down on food wastage

          20. Get off the beaten track, but follow the designated trails

          21. Recycle your travel gear and guides on your return

          22. Choose an environmentally friendly sunscreen

          23. Take a little of the lingo with you...

          24. Locate a recommended greening organisation, work out your mileage and send a donation to cover your carbon footprint

          25. Turn off and uplug

          26. Choose an itinerary where you can voluntour and give back to the community or conservation project

          27. Book online and only print what’s necessary

          28. Choose destinations and projects that share your green commitment
          29. Eco-blog & tweet about it – tell the world about all your interesting project visits and local experiences – Spread the word!

          30. Enjoy your adventure, but leave no trace…

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