Friday, April 1, 2011

First Friday Wild Post - family safari inspiration from y Travel Blog Editor, Caz Makepeace

 Caz & Craig in Namibia (c) y Travel Blog

Easter's just around the corner so we thought it was time for a "family" First Friday Wild Post.  Yes, Caz and Craig Makepeace, the wanderlust duo who founded the y travel blog, are sure fire proof that even when you have kids in tow, you should go with the flow and let your inner nomad take control!  
To date Caz and Craig have visited 35 countries and have lived in five so when it comes to their blog you'll find no shortage of inspiration and motivation to keep you on the move.  

If your own tribe has a calling for the wild, get your eyes round these sensational shots of the African animal kingdom and come and discover the continent. Of course, when you're done you can also leaf through our 2011 brochure online as we've got over 45 family tagged tours that will have your kids going wide eyed over the Big Five! 

My three year old daughter kalyra awoke this morning and said..."Daddy, I want to go to Africa and see the big elephants and giraffe?"

Did your kids love the movie The Lion King just as much as Kalyra? Well, if you've ever dreamed of bringing that movie to life, and placing your kids on a real life film set, then go to Africa.

Whether it's seeing the big 5 like the lion, elephant, and leopard. Or, a baby giraffe, hippo, or rhino, then Africa is where it's at. For a true family adventure, I can't think of anything better than going on safari and experiencing nature at its best. And for us, Africa is all about the animals.

Wait For Me Mummy - a baby elephant chases her mummy around the mud baths at the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa (c) y Travel Blog

Beep beep! - a traffic jam Africa style. Things move slowly in the Kruger Park, South Africa (c) y Travel Blog

This is My Mummy and Daddy - a family of zebras pose for a family portrait (c) y Travel Blog

A real life simba - lion cubs are so cute, but just remember mummy is watching! (c) y Travel Blog

I'm Soooo Tired - see the yawn of a hippo in his pond as he starts the day in a lazy way (c) y Travel Blog

You're Going the Wrong Way - "umm Dad, I think this is a one way street! Elephants are the REAL kings of Africa" (c) y Travel Blog

Who Said Hyenas are Bad? - even baby hyenas look cute and cuddly in their natural environment (c) y Travel Blog

My Own Little Cuddly Toy - hold a lion cub at a rehabilitation and research center (c) y Travel Blog

Hello Little Penguin Friend - get up close to a penguin at Boulders beach in Cape Town (c) y Travel Blog

"Shhhhh..." - it's a hard life being a rhino and a member of the big 5 in Africa (c) y Travel Blog

A great option for going on a safari and seeing the best wildlife encounters is to go on an organized tour. That way, everything will be included and organized such as park entrance fees, transport, accommodation, most meals, and an experienced tour guide who will be knowledgeable and know an incredible amount about the animals and the back roads to find them.
Other tour options include taking a night drive, a guided walking safari, and even a horse ride.
What are you waiting for? Grab your kids, your camera, and take that family adventure of a lifetime!
Caz Makepeace has been traveling and living around the world since 2002, first with her husband, and now with their three year old daughter. You can learn more about the family's travels at y Travel Blog.


craig said...

Great to see a fellow Craig as a fellow first friday wild blogger... also, definitely some great images of the safari... thanks for sharing.

stay adventurous, Craig

luxury safaris said...

Looks like you had the trip of a lifetime. My wife and I went on a luxury safari as part of our honeymoon and we had such an amazing time.

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

@craig - yes, a very well-travelled family too @luxury safaris - there's no better place than Africa - stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife encounters - hope you're coming back soon =)

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