Friday, January 7, 2011

First Friday Wild Post - The best of Africa from ZipSetGo!

If you’re a travel planner or just a full-blown adventure addict, ZipSetGo should be on your list of favourite tweeps. Destination guides, money saving tips and the regular Travelers Night In Twitter meet ups make for up to the minute advice and insight, so it’s no surprise that we added the April Mescher, one of the teams GoGirls to our First Friday Wild Post list.  And, as we’ve just kicked off 2011, here’s April’s top three options for adventurers looking to mix it up in Africa, plus some choice itineraries from our tour leaders! 

"Are you looking to plan a trip of a lifetime?  Then put an African Safari on your bucket list!  There is truly nothing in the world like this experience.  If you have a sense of adventure, like exploring and learning about new places, or if photography is a love or passion of yours, this is a MUST DO!  A few of MY hottest 2011 Safari's itineraries suggestions are..."

"1. Fly into Johannesburg and stay a few nights, you could go to the local theatre and see a performance and get rested up,  then make your way to Botswana to stay tented camps and experience life in the bush. From there I would suggest ending in Zambia on the banks of the Zambezi River to enjoy the  Victoria Falls, more shopping and your last days in Africa."

Feeling inspired? Head off on the 14-day Southern African Magic small group safari - £975 + local payment...

"2. Fly into Cape Town and stay a few nights to shop and dine, then continue on to Kruger National Park for a safari and a "night in the bush", finishing your trip in Johannesburg for a culinary feast and a cultural tour before heading home."

Mix it up o the 14-day Kruger To Cape Town - £965pp + local payment. Add on a pre-city stay and make the most of Jo’burg...

"3. Lastly, if you had a lot of time and really wanted to go outside the box, you could pair some sand and sea with Zambia - for both a beach and safari bush experience. Once in a lifetime - AMAZING!"

The perfect combination! Spice it up with the 22-day Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger overland tour...

"I have spent time in Africa and it's the most magical place in the world.   I barely sleep when I am there because I don't want to miss one minute of my time in this fabulous country!"

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craig said...

i often agree with the Zip Set Go gals, and I definitely agree - African Safari - a MUST. Put it on your list... make it happen.

stay adventurous, Craig