Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tweet us?...Meet The "#Acacia Wild Bunch": Michelle Lewis

Got a burning question on Africa? Now you can tweet with your own personal Africa guru, courtesy of the "Acacia Wild Bunch”. Chosen for their total and unwavering addiction to the most adventurous continent on the planet, these experts are bound to have a few insider tips from the road. Feel free to contact our Africa pundits from here on in putting #AcaciaWildBunch? ahead of your tweet…

Full name: Michelle Lewis

Nationality: Australian

Which Acacia Africa tours have you travelled on?

Quite a few…in fact, I’ve pretty much covered off Acacia Africa’s entire portfolio of overland tours including all of the current gorilla trekking itineraries so you could say I’m passionate about Uganda!

Your favourite Acacia tour?

It would have to be the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander – eight countries and some unforgettable snapshots of remote Africa.

Who do usually travel with?

I do generally travel alone, as I feel that you meet more people that way however, I have travelled with friends as well.

Travel Motto:

Truck/Bus/Train/Boat/Plane - never stop travelling!

Favourite place in Africa?

Zanzibar – it’s so peaceful, the diving is just immense and it’s a great place to chill and contemplate the next adventure.

Most memorable moment in Africa?

Seeing the Mountain Gorilla’s has to be first on my list. It’s a really moving experience!

Best adrenaline/adventure activity and why?

Sky diving. The view of the rolling sand dunes across the desert in Swakopmund (Namibia) whilst free falling out of a plane is certainly one of a kind!

What would you say to someone thinking of travelling to Africa?

Just do it! You’ll have the best time in your life!

Where’s the next adventure in Africa?


Michelle’s top three tips for Africa travellers

1. Keeping your head firmly on your shoulders and making the right decisions. This includes protecting your belongings with your money belt, camera and personal belongings.

2. Keep to the main known circuits. To stray to places unknown might lead to trouble.

3. Prep your travels wisely by booking transport, accommodation and pick ups.

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And, finally Michelle, what about that all important checklist of African countries you’ve visited?

So far I’ve been to Egypt, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. I guess the list just keeps growing!

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