Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dan's Around The World Travel Blog & Review of the 43-day Cape Town To Kenya overland tour

Sadly, last week marked the end of Dan’s overland tweet on the 43-day Kenya to Cape Town - a BIG thanks to Dan for all the posts - we've been glued to the screen and dreaming of our favourite continent :) - but “Our Man In Africa” still has some great sound bites and videos to share with you – his advice to head out to the dunes, even if the morning mist and drizzle doesn’t bode well for great weather in Namibia!

Check out Dan’s complete “Around The World Travel Blog” and the full story below.

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* The Low Down: Kenya to Cape Town with Acacia Africa

* How many ways can we break down on safari?

* The day everyone was fed

* The great migration

* Shooting big buffalo

* Hungry, hungry hippos!

* How to fix a flat without being eaten by a lion

* Photo of the week: rolling zebra

* Dan’s photos from the Masai Mara

* Long day of driving today. Going from Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania

* Making lunches by the side of the road in Tanzania, lots of children around waiting for leftovers

* At snake park near Arusha in Tanzania with @acaciaafrica cheap vodka+brai

* Waiting for the first kill

* Clear skies full of stars

* Bush camping in the Serengeti tonight. Saw lions + cheetahs 5 minutes away from camp

* Photo of the week – Serengeti sunset

* Spent the morning following a leopard in the Serengeti

* Is it an elephant, is it a wild pig? – no it’s someone getting “noised up” in the Serengeti!

* New Photos: Serengeti

* Shooting the big five – Lion

* Photos from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

* New Photos: Ngorongoro Crater

* Shooting the Big Five – elephant

* Conservation of Africa’s game reserves

* Just passing Mt. Kili. Will be in Dar Es Salaam tomorrow

* Whale spotting on the way to Zanzibar

* Time for some beach action

* Stone Town night market

* Relaxing on Lake Malawi

* Sitting in a floating bar on Lake Malawi

* Mbamba village visit

* Long day of driving today as we head to the border between Malawi and Zambia

* White water rafting on the Zambezi was awesome. Today I'm jumping off a bridge

* Jumped off the bridge in no mans land between Zambia and Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls this afternoon

* Jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge

* Rafting on the Zambezi river

* Sitting in the sun at a bar on the banks of the Zambezi in Zambia

* Victoria Falls on the Zambia side weren't that impressive as they aren't in full flow, standing right on the edge of them was cool though

* Standing on top of the Victoria Falls

* New photos from the Victoria Falls

* New Photos: Bungee Jump from Victoria Falls Bridge

* Heading to Botswana today, will be out watching elephants in Chobe tomorrow...

* Where are all the elephants?

* New Photos: Chobe

* It’s been fantastic so far, absolutely loving it. The highlight of next week will be bush camping in the Okavango Delta

* Synching Google reader to try and catch up on blogs on today's drive

* Sinking in the Okavango Delta

* Photo of the week – Sunset in the Okavango Delta

* Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert

* Down at the watering hole: Etosha Nature Reserve

* Finally spotted all the big five. 6 black rhino at the same time in Etosha, Botswana

* Shooting the Big Five - rhino

* Spitzkoppe

* Cape Cross Seal Colony

* Arrived in Swakomund, Namibia. Quadbiking and sandboarding in the dunes tomorrow

* Sandboarding in Swakopmund

* Quadbiking the dunes at Swakopmund

* Sunrise at dune 45

* Photo of the Week – Fish River Canyon

* Table Mountain

* Road Trip to Cape Point

* Shark cage diving

* Wine tasting in South Africa

* Five reasons why monkeys are evil


Hank Freid said...

It is really interesting to narrate your experience here & share with others. People can arrange their tour to keep your views in their mind.

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Thanks Guys - still great to be in Cape Town right now as there's a real buzz after FIFA:) Watch out for our most recent post as we've joined up with the "Keep Flying" campaign!!!

Michelle said...

I'm just about to book my acacia Africa tour and this has made me even more excited sounds incredible and I cannot wait! I it worth buying a decent cannon camera du rein or is a standard 14 pixel digital enough?

Acacia Africa Adventure Holidays said...

Hi Michelle, AfricaFreak is a great source of info in fact Mike travelled with us recently - he gives some really useful information on choosing a camera here http://bit.ly/yBBVpo - if you have any more questions please let us know, and have an awesome trip!!!=) We also passed on your thx to Dan - love the blog too =)

iffatali said...
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